The Field-Week 1

I’m in DC!!! (well,Virginia)

Ohhhhh my gosh this city is huge!!! We woke up at 1 AM Wednesday morning and flew to Minneapolis then to DC and it was awesome to fly for the first time! I couldn’t sleep because I was just in awe the whole time!

IMG_0006[1] IMG_0017[1]

When we got to Minneapolis I got to sit in between two people who weren’t members, and the lady on my right just wanted to chat so I was too nervous to bring up the gospel (& she was like this 50 year old successful lady.. I was intimidated) but on my left this Asian girl named Micheala asked about what I was doing and why I was dressed up and I told her I was a missionary for ‘Mormons’ and she told me that she LOVED religion. She’s Lutheran but she says that she has a hard time with it because they keep changing what they believe..perfect opportunity right? Cause our church has been the same for like a million years. So I talked to her about the restoration & she thought it was so cool so I showed her my personal Book of Mormon and she read like 6 chapters just right there on the plane so I gave her my copy and put my email in it if she had any questions about it! Then we talked about the plan of salvation and she loved was so awesome, and she’s going to start praying and I talked to my first investigator in my first 4 was amazing.
She’s so cute though, and a genius!! I love her 🙂

We landed and our mission president and his wife picked us up and we drove around DC for a little bit!

IMG_0028[1] IMG_0033[1] IMG_0027[1]

Then went to their home (we’re all like walking zombies at this time) and ate cafe rio…then we had our interview and stayed at a hotel until the next morning I got assigned to my cute trainer Sister Orr!!

unnamed (5)


She’s awesome! We had dinner with this super crazy, but nice lady named Margo who’s a recent convert preparing for the temple (I wanna go so bad) then we went and taught this cute little boy Tysen about the Holy Ghost! (His parents were less active til they moved here from Utah and they just want him to know why he’s getting baptized) then we went tracting…. Oh dear, how I hate it, it’s the scariest thing ever! But we had no doors slammed in our faces the first day…The first man was Jewish and didn’t want to know but was still nice and took a pamphlet. Then the next 6 doors didn’t answer…then we went across the street and this lady who was belting a song to her kids answered the door and we talked to her about the restoration and the plan a little bit, and she didn’t really wanna hear about it, but she was still nice. She kept talking about music and singing and guess who loves to sing? The spirits pretty awesome so he told me to sing to their little family (Tiffany and her two kids) so I asked if I could sing for her and she didn’t object so I sang I Stand All Amazed and it was awesome… We’re meeting her next week and talking about what she’s reading this week in the Book of Mormon… Talk about blessings. Not too shabby of a first day! I’m exhausted though don’t get me wrong.. We woke up at 6 this morning and I worked out harder than I have in my whole life (not really, but I feel fat right now).

Life’s good, it’s tough and I wanna cry everyday, but it’s so great seeing how God is already changing these people and changing my heart.  We had to plan for the week ALL day yesterday, then we went tracting and found no one at all until the last 5 minutes and it’s this cute lady named Cassandra who’s been researching our church for about two years now, so we gave her a Book of Mormon and she said she’d read it! We talked to one progressing investigator and he was the only one who would listen to us but he’s awesome, his name is Doug he’s a real nice guy looking for something like this in his life.

I set up my Facebook….I don’t miss Facebook and it’s been a pain trying to unfollow everyone but it’s a good way to hasten the work!! We went to the Nats game today and it was a blast, we lost our car and didn’t get home until like 1! So many people gave us weird looks and the whole stadium smelled like beer but it was fun…


Sunday was great we met the whole Haymarket ward and they’re all awesome!! 🙂 we just had dinner with the Gardner’s who have such a nice home.. Then a lesson with John which was sooo good, he loves how we do temple work…The church is true people!!
Teach of its truth every chance you get!

Here is a random beautiful street in Virginia (SO PRETTY HERE)

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