Week 1: MTC

Week one=✔️

unnamed (2)

Only 5 more days ’til I get to report at 2:30 AM to fly to DC
(ps, it’s my first time on a plane–I’m freaking out)

It’s been rough, but it’s been worth it. Getting to represent Jesus Christ is about the best responsibility to have for just a year and a half! I don’t want to bore you all with every second of every day of my life here, but I do want you to know how different I am. I know that we all beg for our loved ones to not let the mission “change” them, but be careful what you ask for!! I cannot wait to lose myself in the work, and I really think that a lot of missionaries need to change out here, & it’s the perfect opportunity to do that!!
I’m still weird, I sing all the time, I have a loud laugh that I use way too often, but I’m changing. Each and everyday I feel more and more love for my Savior, Jesus Christ.

Shani shared an awesome scripture  with me and it touched my heart forever:
D&C 6– it basically describes missionaries, their duty and how happy Heavenly Father is.

Friday-Sunday were the hardest days so far.. I’ve never felt so alone, but I watched a talk given at the MTC by Elder Bednar called ‘Character of Christ’ which I know all you missionaries have seen!! It hit me how selfish I was being, I’m here surrounded by the spirit with over 2000 missionaries who are in the exact situation as I am, and all I’m worried about is myself! I started to focus on others and how to comfort them and I am so much happier! Try and use that in your life, I know it can get tough sometimes, but we have the knowledge of the Atonement to help each other out.

God is good. “There’s no growth in a comfort zone…and there’s no comfort in the growth zone.” How true is that? Have you ever felt comfortable when you’re learning things about yourself, about God? I know I haven’t.

My comps cute, we struggle sometimes planning lessons, because we are both very opinionated, but we’re working on it!

P days are fun and I finally got to go to the temple today!

 11960028_10205189278554889_5825845746499549444_n 12002266_10205189276994850_1017164458791706034_nunnamed (4)image2
 We’ve played basketball & volleyball with a bunch of Samoans and Hawaiians and they hit the ball so hard…  No mercy was shown, but it was fun, best stress relief ever!! Then I always make my companion come in and let me play the piano whenever we have a little free time (which is never-it only happened once). Yeah besides that not much happens, we have a pretty set schedule.

Ohhh yesterday I had in-field orientation and I got to sit in a classroom for 8 hours….woooooo hoooo. It was good though, we learned A LOT.

Also, I saw Elder Horton!!
Much love ♥
Sister Palmer

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