Week 2-In the Field

Being a missionary is so weird and awesome and hard and great. We committed Anna (an amazing investigator who I love so much) to baptism!!! Seriously, there’s no way to describe it, some days are so hard because everyone hates you, and its 96 degrees outside with 100% humidity, then one person decides not to slam the door in your face and it’s like the greatest thing ever. But it’s been good! Still keepin on! Also I drink about my body weight in water which has never happened …cause it’s so hot+humid here!
I’ll tell you about my week a little bit–nothing interesting happened on Monday or Tuesday really..Wednesday we drove clear over yo Manassas and passed off Blaise (pronounced Bless) who is a recent convert who moved and it was a reaaaal strange time, I seriously can’t understand 99% of what he says and I feel so lost the whole time.. He’s from the Congo and speaks French and has the thickest accent EVER but he’s hilarious and he has this little high pitched giggle laugh that cracks me up….. Oh too funny.. Then that same night we taught a cute little old man named Ed who lives in our building (we basically live in senior housing apartments) and I don’t get him… He says he knows everything is true but that the Holy Ghost hasn’t told him anything, but I’ve felt it so many times with him and have explained it but I don’t know what he’s waiting for.
Thursday we just did service for hours!! We picked weeds then we worked at a women’s shelter on this monastery it was crazy, but fun I love doing service!
image5 image4
Then we met with this little boy Tysen, who’s parents just became active again but want him to know more before he’s baptized so we taught him about Abinadi 🙂 it was a good lesson! We’ve already taught him all the lessons so we don’t really know where to go from here.. But it’s still good then we had like 45 minutes til it was nine so we just followed the spirit to a possible investigators house and he was outside so we talked to him and he said he would come to church so boo yah! The spirit works miracles!! Then Saturday we had this ward picnic which was fun 🙂 Last night I ate sushi… And it was so good, I ate a lot.. it even had sea food in it which I usually hate, but I just accepted the fact that I probably just hate Utah sea food.. Idk. Also I got asked to sing at our zone conference this Wednesday so that’ll be sweet! I miss singing… Like a lot.
I got to sing in the MTC choir back when President Nelson came and spoke to us!
 I love my companion were both so weird and random that it just fits! She runs like 6 miles every morning and do anything and everything else because let’s just say running at 6:00 am is not my cup of tea..
image3She falls asleep during studies..
It’s hard cause the members feed us like pigs –good food don’t get me wrong, but I definitely see why people gain weight out here. I haven’t (yet).  I can’t wait for fall. I know I’ve said that almost every day but when fall comes we can tract on bikes and walking..normally people would hate that right? But I need exercise..and that doesn’t happen so often in a car. Plus it’s gorgeous outside.
One of the best things I’ve learned on my mission is how powerful prayer is, when anyone doubts anything at all in lessons all they have to do is read and pray and they can receive their answer as long as they desire to. And that isn’t just for investigators it’s for everyone, don’t get into the habit of repeating the same prayer every night (I’m guilty too trust me) but how do you think that makes Heavenly Father feel, because I know if I had to have the same exact conversation every night I wouldn’t want to listen as much (obviously God is a little bit more patient and merciful than I am) but remember when you pray that your talking to your best friend I this whole world tell him everything you love and hate and want and are grateful because he sure loves to talk to us!!
Moroni 8:3
“I am mindful of you always in my prayers, continually praying unto God the Father in the name of his Holy Child, Jesus, that he, through his infinite goodness and grace, will keep you through the endurance of faith on his name to the end.” —Thanks Grandma I love it!!
I hope you’re doing everything you can to be happy because that’s what it’s all about!!
peace and blessings.

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