Week 3


This week has been good!!! Also we get to go into DC today!!  We went to the Holocaust Museum.. It was sad. But cool!
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Throughout this week I’ve been trying so hard to not feel like I’m just wasting the lords time but it’s hard cause during open time I effective sometimes.. Besides tracting, cause we do that all the time and try and contact less actives or potentials but not a lot of people open doors around here it’s so hard to not become discouraged, we only teach like 5 lessons a week and some people can be real rude and I’m trying to get to that point where I can just shake it off or laugh about it but it’s hard to feel hated! Plus I may have been known to be a sass when people are rude, but here I seriously just can’t say anything, i have to just sit there and hold my tongue so I don’t say something back to them that I shouldn’t.. but I’m learning to love them anyways! And I think that’s probably one of the biggest things I’ve learned is how to love, even those who are really angry and hateful.. I thought I knew how to love people, but it’s insane how much I just love the investigators we do have, my heart just breaks because of all the trials that they have to face.. And just random people that I meet that can live in multi-million dollar homes and feel like they have the world figured out I love so much because while they have all these amazing temporal things they have no belief in God or in Christ.. And it makes me so sad that they have no sense of direction or purpose.. I just want them to have the atonement so badly in their lives to become so much happier.. And I’ve also learned so much about myself which has been awesome!

Tracting the other day was fun up on the “mountain” the driveways there are brutal and me and my companion just made it fun! Nothing too special 🙂 my comp captured the moment!!

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This week has been pretty slow moving! We had zone conference this week which was good, ohhhh I got to sing at it I sang come thou fount…love that song.
Then we always play lightning after and it was so fun.. I haven’t played basketball in so long, at least it feels that way I guess I played in the MTC but still.. Anyways then we went and did service at a farm… Oh my goodness, random weird fact about me.. I am terrified of chickens. 🐔 seriously I have no idea why but they scare the crap out of me.. It was an interesting time!
  image3 (1)
So here’s an epic picture of after I made my companion go catch one and give it to me so I could have a picture… again…terrifying.
But I calmed down enough for a pic…
Exchanges were different though, kinda tough cause I had to leave my area so I didn’t know anyone and my companion came from out of the country so she can’t drive and I don’t have my tiwi card yet so we had to walk.. And there was a flash thunderstorm and I was so scared and soaked!! It was ridiculous, sooooo much rain in like 15 minutes! That’s Virginia weather for ya though, but we found a members house so it was all good! We went tracting and knocked on this mans door who opened it and his name was Anthony and the second he opened the door he just started drilling us with a million questions about everything from whether Mary was an apostle to if Christ had other siblings to the exact date that He died, yeah this was a time where my patience was reeeeeally tried cause he was a guy who studied all sorts of religions and was a baptist and he honestly wouldn’t let us say a word to him without rudely interrupting and blabbin on for days so I had to just be quiet after awhile cause I had no idea how in the world to handle that situation it was rough and I felt so frustrated but I figured that he had the perfect opportunity to hear our message in the 30 minutes that he sat there and told us how stupid we were and trying to prove every thing we said wrong, but he didn’t, and I really felt like a failed him because I should have just born my testimony and we should have left cause it just got ridiculous… Sorry that was like a venting moment, but I was so frustrated! Anyways.. Two of our lessons fell through this week which was a super bummed cause we only have so many and one of them is with a lady who committed to baptism (Anna) and satan is just working on her so hard cause he knows how amazing her potential is, I wish I could help her with what’s she’s going through but I couldn’t even if I tried!
Saturday we had an appointment with a new investigator named Pat! And he slept through our appointment and we were about to leave the church but he called and said sorry and that he was coming so we waited and he showed up like 40 minutes later and we talked to him and he seriously has the craziest life ever!! Like his wife just passed away and he has cancer and all this crazy stuff! And he had been taught just a little bit before and had gone to church a few times but he just moved to our area and we met him at a ward activity and within the first three sentences he said that he needed to be baptized.. I am so excited for him!!! September 19!!!! We have three baptisms next month and that’s seriously unheard of in this area!!! People are prepared and I’m impatient so it’s hard but when we find them it’s so awesome….
 Don’t forget the blessing that you have knowing the power of the atonement.. And if you don’t understand how powerful it really is I invite you to discover for yourself how influential it can be in your life.. And as you use it in your life you’ll impact others!! I’m soooo grateful for what my savior did especially for me. I know that he lives and loves YOU!!
Much love,
Sister Palmer
My new sweatshirt..

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