Week 4

I’m happy and seeing so many miracles!  This week was good! I was sick for a few days which was no fun but I pulled through! We did a FHE with some members and they just rubbed our mission rules in our face the whole time.. They’re all so rich.

     We had a lot of lessons fall through this week, once because we had to pick up our investigator from the hospital.. Really sketchy. I hate ER’s… And then our next lesson was canceled because she had just taken her cat to have surgery and so she had to take care of her..just a series of real unfortunate events for a couple days. But we were able to do A LOT of service so that was good! I made some of the best chocolate chip cookies ever for all our sick investigators and less actives (I only ate about half of them). Superrr fun! Yeah.. So not a whole lot is happening, we did have an awesome lesson with the Crawford family, the momma is struggling right now with her testimony but she bore her “small” testimony that she had and it was so powerful! There’s a talk called “Lord, I believe” given by Elder Holland in the April 2013 conference that is AWESOME. read or watch it or something because it’s so powerful.. We shared it with their family and it was super spiritual! keep sister Crawford in your prayers 🙂

     Saturday we had a zone thingy majigger and we tracked for 9 hours… 9 stinkin hours I knocked on doors!! 103 doors to be exact and only 20 opened them, and only 6 invited us to come back.. But hey that was more than what others had..it was soooo hot the hottest day since I’ve been here, and  so humid but awesome 🙂 Funny part of my day we had just gotten two return appointments two doors in a row and we were feeling pretty good after the 30 before that were no answers.. So we knock on some dudes door and he has a sign outside that says no soliciting..he opened his door and he read his sign to us after we said like 5 words, then slammed the door in our face so we started walking away and he opens the door and yells “you are soliciting!” then slams it.. Then opens it again and yells “So you wanna steal my soul? Forget about it!” Yeah.. I didn’t really know how to respond to that so we just scurried away really fast, I was terrified..:)
     But I cannot explain how crummy of an attitude I had when we first started at noon.. I had to lead my area (yeah I don’t know my area yet) and it was hot and SO humid and no one was home and the people who were home were so rude and I was struggling to stay positive in any way, I kept it in but my blood was boiling to say the least. But I was so happy that night.. When I went to bed absolutely exhausted and sooo gross (I showered..) I felt so much like a missionary should just completely beat because I’d been finding the lords children all day long.. And even though we only found 6 out of 103.. We have a lesson with one of them that I met named Danny and I’m so excited.. We get to do a church swap with a baptist man named Jay and that’s exciting because he gets to feel the spirit of our church services.
This picture taken before tracting basically describes my attitude for that day…
     Missionary work is hard, I struggle every day.. but it’s awesome! We had two investigators show up to church which never happens! So that was such a blessing!
Yeah.. So the work is pretty good! Holy cow school should be starting right about now right?! That’s so weird.. I thought about what I would be doing yesterday if I were Ho,e and the thought about buying books crossed my mind and that really sucked.. But It’ll be awesome!! 🙂
Keep the faith!

Much Love,

Sister Palmer ️
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