Week 5

I got a greenie package from my cute cousin TeCara this week.. Pretty awesome. Thanks cuz, I love you!

     This week was interesting! It started out with us leaving our apartment to go tract for a bit and I realized I forgot my name tag thingy so we went home and grabbed it and as we were waiting to turn left just outside our apartment, this guy flies into the front of our car and right when we see him we know he is just wasted! So he pulls in and he is just hammered and I was so terrified..he got out of his car and we tried to get his information but he didn’t have his license or anything and he had alcohol in his car so he offered us a bunch of money and then we said no cause they’re the churches cars, and he said he would turn around and I almost went and just stood in front of his car cause I just knew he was gonna drive off.. But he would’ve just plowed me right over. . Then he drove off so we called the police and waited for them for almost and it was just rough. Scary drunk drivers who hit & run.. everybody’s just hating on our Corolla right now we were in an accident the other night too someone backed into our car (Neither one was our fault…) but our poor car has had it!
     Umm Tuesday we did service all day with sister Allen.. Oh my goodness and she has this dog named Winnie who has the most ginormous eyes I’ve ever seen in my whole life. Right?!
And then I ate one of the biggest slices of pizza I’ve ever had at a Italian place here called Tony’s.. The locals love it there so we eat there SO much…
We had a lesson with a guy named Steve who is in a part-member family (his wifey) and he’s super awesome but has never heard the lessons before so he agreed to and the spirit has been awesome! He has kept all his commitments and has even offered kneeling prayers at the end of both lessons! He had a hard time with the gift of agency.. He doesn’t understand how it’s a ‘gift’ when people abuse it soooo much, but we talked to him about the alternative plan and he kind of understood it better. Steve’s awesome. I love him he works as a secret service agent so he’s so intense, but it’s all good! Then after his lesson I got the worst migraine I’ve ever had in my whole life so we went home and I was just bed-ridden all night, it was a BLAST!
     Wednesday was awesome cause we met with the Alvernaz’s again (Steve) and then we got to meet with Anna and her husband bill!! I love them they’re so funny! So Bill has turrets and a minor form of Aspergers so he doesn’t like to listen much but he asks a million and one questions every lesson.. We were talking about temples cause he said he wanted to come to our weddings, so he would just sneak into the temple… Yeah. I know. And at one point he brought up some dream that he had and he said it was super vivid! He looked at Anna and said I had a dream the other day that we got married again! And she looked at him so confused, and he continued to explain, “Yeah we were in this beautiful place with so many people there dressed to kill and we were married again!” Then Anna said back to him what I was thinking and feeling in my heart and she said, “Well Bill, maybe you’re seeing the future..” I seriously just wanted to cry, just moments before that he refused to even think about being baptized and now he’s admitting to dreams about being sealed to his cute wife Anna again for eternity.. Ahh this gospels awesome. Another thing that was awesome was me and my companion had a bubble blowing contest.. (I won ) we were extremely tired and bored….
     Umm Thursday was slow moving for awhile but we had to go get sister Orr some medicine early that morning and we met a man from Kenya named David and he was so awesome he’s read the Book of Mormon cover to cover and loves it but struggles with a couple things but he lives in DC so we probably won’t get to see him again.. Hopefully we do we gave him our info and everything but he was such a sweetheart! We also met a not-so-sweet heart later that day.. We were doing service for this homeless shelter and when we were leaving we saw this guy walking in front of us and he turned around so sister Orr and I with our big smiles said hello and were greeted with his spit on our clothes. You better believe I’ve learned a lot of patience on my mission so far cause all I wanted to do in that moment was slap that guy so hard across his face and give him a piece of my mind. But we didn’t we just walked away, I have never felt so discriminated or hated in my whole life and that was tough, but my heart hurts for the guy… Hmmmmm yeah so that was probably one of the toughest and nastiest moments ever, but I’m all good, I’m trying to love him and it’s slowly coming along 🙂
  We had dinner with a family named the Belchers and they live in this big huge cabin house out in the woods and they made steak and veggie kabobs.. It was really good…anyways, I held a chicken!! How cute are they?!
AND when we were driving home I saw this tree with giant leaves so I made sister Orr stop so I could take a picture and I didn’t realize how huge they were til I saw the picture… They remind me of those leaves that pharaohs were fanned with..
     Then we had to do a mini exchange cause one of our sister training leaders (sis chandler) was sick so I had to stay home with her whole my companion went to a lesson with sister donato.. So I just studied for a couple hours..it was good though! And she feels better today
Then on Sunday the little boy Tysen that we’ve been teaching got BAPTIZED!!
It was awesome.. And yes that is a “future missionary” badge he’s wearing. He’s adorable.
     I got to go to tropical smoothie and it just reminded me of my Dixie days.. I basically lived at tropical smoothie. Peanut butter cup smoothie is where it’s at… AND I’m learning how to play the ukulele.. It’s been so fun, I love it!
     Mark 5:36 is a scripture I’m focusing on right now.. “Be not afraid, only believe.”  I’ve come to know Christ so much.. He’s my best friend, my brother and my redeemer and I am SO grateful for his sacrifice that I have to use everyday.. Every time I make a mistake my heart hurts because I know that I caused my savior pain.. But I am so blessed to know Him and to always strive to feel his spirit and direction in my life. Mission life is tough, but I believe that this is where my father in heaven and savior want me to be.. Rely on Him to help you when you don’t know which direction to go on your life because trust me, he knows exactly where you need to be! I love you so much, thanks for being the best!
Sis Palmer

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