Week 6

This week was a rough one! Pretty slow moving haha not a whole lot of our lessons panned out and like a lot of things went wrong..but we still experienced so many miracles! Last night we had no lessons scheduled cause they fell through.. So we did finding all night and we struggled for the first little bit trying to figure out where Heavenly Father wanted us to go, but it ended up an awesome night we met with a less active family, and a cool dude named Andrew who were gonna start teaching and this cute Spanish lady named Christina who sister Orr talked to a little bit cause I don’t know a lick of Spanish, and she said she met one of the apostles because they came to Puerto Rico when she was there and she was so excited cause we had a Spanish Book of Mormon with us that we could give her she almost cried.. It was awesome. She had this little demon dog that almost bit my had off but that’s alright 🙂

We got to be there when our district leader gave Lucia, an old lady that we’re teaching, (basically all the people we teach are old and sickly..) a priesthood blessing cause she’s been really sick.. And she was so excited about it!

We did SOOO much service it’s crazy.. But awesome! I guess when you’re a missionary service is something you do sometimes.. I don’t know. We did a zone service project at the farm, where the awful chickens are.. And it was goooood!
Oh gosh.. I’ve learned a lot about myself while doing service. 1- I’m a clean freak!  We’re helping a hoarder clean up her house so that she can get around and she yelled at me when I asked her if I could throw away her used tissues.. It’s so different, but a good learning experience. 2- I still absolutely hate chickens…
I can’t tell you how badly I hate nicotine.. We have two people we’re trying to help quit smoking and it’s sooo hard.. It just breaks my heart! But I know that if they rely on the lord they can do it! So pray for them okay??
Besides that we’ve had a bunch of meetings for greenies like me and some zone meetings but life’s good! Here’s some pictures of my zone, they are so awesome!!
Ohh we went to dinner with the cute old lady Margo, and we drove clear to Warennton.. It took FOREVER, traffic here sucks! And she paid $150 for our meal and I was just sick because of how much she spent but holy cow it was soooo good! I took a picture of my food… I never wanted to be that person. But it was amazing.
 I have been focusing a lot on my confidence because out here, I have NONE in anything and it’s been rough! But as I’ve relied on the lord as my crutch, and my reason to be confident it’s been awesome! How could you not be confident in what is true? Also I’ve learned a lot about using the savior as not only my savior but as my best friend I’ve had to rely on him ALOT this week, I mean a lot a lot! It makes me so sad when people are afraid to pray because they think they’re annoying our father in heaven, if that were the case He would seriously hate me because I’m constantly praying over the dumbest things! But it’s helped me to come to know that whenever I can’t rely on anyone else.. He is there, it’s really been comforting to really realize that, I mean obviously I knew that but I never really look at the eternal perspective.. I mean there’s a lot of good and a lot of bad in the world, I literally don’t know anything that’s happening in the world right now, but with all the uncertainties in this life He is the only source of absolute, never-ending love and companionship. Pretty cool. Anyways.. I had chipotle for the first time, I want too impressed (I ❤️ Costa Vida) but they were out of sweet pork so that coulda been why, but my burrito was seriously ginormous.. I only ate half of it..
Then me & my cute companion were early for her doctors appointment so we took pictures.
Transfers are this week!! Sooo crazy. I’m pretty sure I’ll stay in Haymarket, hopefully!
Sister Palmer

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