Week 7

This week was good 🙂 Monday night we had 3 lessons.. The one with our secret service agent investigator was my favorite.. We talked about the gospel but he started out with a question/comment cause he came to church on fast and testimony Sunday with his family and he said he was kinda confused and I guess irritated.. Idk if that’s the right word.. But he made an awesome point he said that from an investigators view in sacrament meeting it was hard for him to listen because everyone got to the pulpit and would say “I believe…” And “I know this is true..” But all he wanted to know was why, and how they came to know the things were true.. It really made me think about when I bare my testimony.. Do I share how I came to know its true? The feelings and thoughts I experience through the Holy Ghost? I mean obviously we don’t need a 15 minute story about my entire life.. No body needs that. But seriously, that would be so frustrating as an investigator! So I’m really going to change how I share my testimony! Steve’s awesome. Before we went to Steves we taught Lucia and before we taught Lucia we saw this super cute dock/pond thingy so we had to stop…
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But Lucias lesson was awesome too, we kinda have to start at the basics again with her.. But she’s the cutest old Spanish lady EVER.
Tuesday was great too! We helped Margo the hoarder do some more cleaning in her home! We organized about a thousand papers.. She has saved her mail for like 5-10 years.. All of it. Blows my mind.
Anyways then we had a lesson cancel.. So I tuned the ukulele instead
He’s canceled the past 6 lessons, well all but one! But he told us this really weird story about how one time he met Jesus and satan and himself.. So we might drop him… It was really awkward, and the spirit didn’t like his story at all..
Then later that night we went and saw Anna and talked to her and her husband bill for awhile! It was great! Cool story.. So we have been trying sooo hard to find a fellowshipper for Anna and when we were talking to her I just said a prayer to myself pleading with God to help us find someone to be her friend, and to give her support while she’s getting none from her family.. And like 3 minutes later Sister Allen (one of my favorite ladies from the ward) walks past with her dogs and comes up to the porch and talks with us! It was awesome!! Then after that we went to the Crawfords (the little boy who just got baptized’s family) and just had a few minutes so we had a mini testimony meeting and shared a little piece of president uchtdorfs talk “living the gospel joyful” (SO good) and sister Crawford is having the hardest time building her faith.. It’s breaking my heart. They just moved out here from Utah for brother Crawfords job and were reactivated and brother Crawford feels like he tore his family apart… It makes me sad to see them struggling. He wants to get to the temple so badly with his wife but she’s facing a lot of internal struggles and doubts herself.. we’ve tried to help her but I don’t know how to help her feel and remember gods love, she says she’s reading and praying so I told her to be patient..I love them so much, and they are the greatest people! It’s been tough!
Earlier that day we found this cute hidden bench by a lake.. We had a district bbq at it.. So cute.
Wednesday we had the bbq with our district for our saying goodbye. I didn’t get transferred, hallelujah. But 7 elders who came in last transfer have to train! So crazy. But we had an awesome district! They wanted to take pictures by the tractors….typical. But I threw a football, and let me tell ya, I’m pretty good.
But our district leader (the big guy in the glasses..Elder Routsong) shared with us this story called “the Room” I don’t know if you’ve heard it or not but if you haven’t I’ll send it to you!! It really puts the atonement into a different perspective and makes it super personal.. I love it, and I love my savior.. It really makes me sad that he had to go through all of that pain for me but I am so infinitely grateful for His sacrifice.. Let me know if you want me to send it!! It’s so good.
Later that night we went and visited one of the men were helping quit smoking..Scott, It was interesting. He said the F word like 6 times.. I really hate that word.. I dunno, the way his mind works is so interesting and weird, but he’s awesome! He wants to get the Melchizedek priesthood so badly but this is the only thing holding him back.. It breaks my heart!
Thursday was transfers and we met our new zone! (Things got rearranged a little bit) and we only got one new elder from st George! Pretty sweet! And me a sister Orr won this competition thing.. And won nerf guns-we like them.
Then we had some awesome lessons with the Crawfords.. Her daughter is actually being receptive and wants to know more.. It’s honestly a miracle. And then with a new man named Jay who called us the other night and was like hey I wanna take the lessons and we were all stoked so we had dinner with our bishop the next day and found out some info on him and he’s an excommunicated member, and is looking to be baptized again, it’s cools but kinda sketchy at times too he’s been taught before and had some big problems, but he’s on date so hopefully everything works out! 🙂 mmm we got frozen yogurt (one of my favorite treats ever) from pink berry and it was awesome. Menchies still has my heart though.
Friday we planned all day until we had to take our car into the shop to get an estimate? I don’t understand cars at all… It’s probably not a good thing. I’ll work on that. But the lady got so ticked off at our vehicle coordinator it was awkward cause we have no idea what’s going on so we called him and yeah it was another odd missionary moment, we have way too many of those. Then all of our lessons canceled that night so we reacted all night.. No one answered but hey we were trying really hard!!! We’ll go back soon..  I got 26 new mosquito bites on my feet/legs and it’s been miserable. They’re vicious out here.
Ohh my goodness Saturday we visited a cute new Brazilian lady and her family they just moved into the ward and she told us her story.. I’ll try and give you a watered down version of it. So she comes from a family of 16 kids 8 boys and 8 girls and their parents died when they were pretty young so they took care of each other.. Well they had their home burn down twice, and lots of the 16 lost hope, but Leni (the cute Brazilian lady I know) refused to give up her tiny bit of faith she had left, she hoped something better was coming a long. Well about a month later two elders knocked on their door and one of her sisters answered and let them in for a bit and they told them they’d come back Sunday. Well Leni was super upset her sister would talk to them, and refused to come. Sunday rolls around and Leni was rude to the elders and took a 40 minute shower hoping that they might be gone when she got out.. But they waited and talked with her and she thought one of the elders was cute so she claims it was easier to convert (lol. Her words not mine.) anyways 4 of the 16 were converted and they kept in touch with those missionaries.. But when one of them (elder fish) came to the end of his mission, Leni had the prompting to write him a letter (she really really liked him, and claimed she knew he was the one after like the 1st lesson…) so she did and told him to wait till he got back to Utah to read it. So he did and she didn’t hear from him about it for 3 months!!! He wrote their family and said hello and how’s it goin but that’s it. So one day he calls her and they chat for awhile (it was super expensive I guess I’m the olden days to make long-distance calls) so she got straight to the point after awhile and was like “yo, did you read my letter?”–I may have paraphrased. And he was like (well yeah, duh that’s why I called you dude)–again I put my own twist in that.. And then he said hey, will you marry me? At this point me and Sister Orr gave this disgusted face because that’s a really odd situation. And she saw that and said yeah I felt the same! And she had to think about it so she did and went to the temple a lot and he called 3 days later and she said yes and then 8 months later was able to come to the U.S. Not knowing ANY English.. And now 21 years later they have 3 kids who are cutie patooties! One is married and living in Logan and the other two are 15 & 16 going to Battlefield high school & they say they’re happy as ever.
But I hope life is going great! I sure miss you all! Virginias great! I got a little homesick yesterday.. A missionary homesick? Weird, right? But I stuck it out with a smile so all is well 🙂
I love my savior so much. I am so weak, but He gives me so much strength. I am so fearful, but He gives me courage. Where I lack, He completes. I have had to turn to Him so many times because of afflictions I face, and He is always there. I love Him and I encourage you to figure out what you could do to strengthen you relationship with the savior in your lives. He is the only way we can fulfill our purpose on this earth, so use it!! 🙂
Sis Palmer

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