Week 10

8 hours at the temple took up all my time. Worth it.  I’ll get to email tomorrow for a
little bit! I cannot believe how beautiful and massive it is! 3rd
largest in the world!! We left at 4:30 AM!! I can’t explain how
excited I was, a huge chunk of my soul is missing when I don’t get to
go to the temple for so long. When I get home (I know it’s forever
away) I will go to the temple as often as I possibly can.. It’s the
best place in the world.
IMG_2120image3 (5)FullSizeRender IMG_2128 IMG_2143 IMG_2156 image1 (7)
This week was good 🙂 Let the picture speak for itself… That was a really random night.


We had two different lessons with the Crawfords 🙂 Monday we started out by teaching our first Law of Chastity lesson to a young person.. It got pretty intense. She really likes to dress how she wants, and is very very supportive of homosexuality.. So she got pretty mad at us, but we taught her the rest of the commandments and they went well! Hopefully her heart changes! Then we went over again on Thursday night and we had planned to teach about the word of wisdom, but I just had the impression to not do it, and I didn’t know why! But I decided I better listen to the spirit and so we looked at some talk from conference and other lessons and I thought about how all their heads were thinking right now.. And they’re all going through some hard trials, and really complicating somethings.. So we focused on Uchtdorfs talk “It Works Wonderfully”. We’d been thinking all day about our testimonies, and what we have a firm knowledge of that keeps us holding onto the gospel and shared it with them, and it was awesome. I know that the atonement is there for everyone. I know that life is meant to be lived full of joy, we just have to choose to be happy (I’m really working on this.) I’ve set a goal for myself to illuminate Christ, not just for these next 15 months but for the rest of eternity. When I come home and continue on with wherever life takes me I want people to look at me and see goodness. I want them to see something that they don’t see every other day. I want to illuminate the light and love of Christ ALWAYS! I want everyone to see that, even though there’s so much bad in the world, I am happy, and hopeful through Christ. And I want them to ask me why I’m so happy, and why I have any hope at all. And I’ll tell them, I want everyone to hear this beautiful message of hope that this everlasting gospel brings. I hope to dedicate my whole life to spreading the good news of the restoration and the coming of our savior, so that others can have joy now.. My favorite scripture right now is 1 Peter 3:15 it says: “be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you.” It’s such a good one and one I want to remember for the rest of my life. Life with this gospel is good.
Umm Tuesday we had zone training and a nerf war with the zone 🙂

Also, I found my street!! That was awesome.
image1 (6)image2 (7)
Sister Crawford took a picture of us at our lesson for her snap chat and it said
“sister missionaries be like”
I love them.
Also I love my companion. We’ll be friends for the rest of forever.

We were tracting on Wednesday night. Our zone set a goal to bear our testimonies individually to 230 people in the next 20 days.. Ridiculous. That’s 5060 people as a zone… And it’s been hard for me. But it’s definitely forcing me out of my comfort zone. I had the worst attitude Wednesday night and I got discouraged because I felt sooo prompted to go to this neighborhood, and no one would listen to us, but I know that someone benefited from something that we said, cause we were sent there for a reason even if we couldn’t see it! I did take a picture with a lady named Amy’s dog, he’s an English mastiff and he’s the biggest most stinky 2 year old dog I have ever seen/pet in my whole life.

SO cute. He resembles a horse more than a dog, but I didn’t dare try and saddle him up.
We did a lot of service this week which I always love!! Our zone had a service day Friday on the farm and I got a farmers tan.. The first one of my life. Unfortunate, but it was great! I was exhausted that night which was satisfying 🙂
image5 (1)image4 (2)
image3 (4)
Then we ate at Cafe Rio for Sister Donato’s birthday!! (Fun fact: her first name is princess..)
image6 (1)
Sis Palmer



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