Week 9


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This weeks been crazy, from preparing to unpreparing for a

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To it just raining nonstop for 4 days, To conference 🙂 we
watched the first two sessions at our apartment complex 🙂

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Then one with the Shmidts and their yappy dog, then one with the Crawfords! 🙂

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Conference was awesome! Our poor prophet is getting so old.. My heart
nearly broke watching him. But he’s amazing and was bound and
determined to testify of Jesus Christ. Inspiring. There were so many
awesome talks! I feel like they focused a lot on young adults.. Maybe
it’s cause I’m a young adult I dunno.. But I learned a lot! Power to
women!! I can’t wait to read all of them now! Did you enjoy it??
What was your favorite talk? I’m full of questions. It was fun to hear
from the new apostles! What was the biggest thing you needed to hear
or learn from conference?

Elder Vinson gave an awesome prayer. I love him. 😊

This week was tough..the best way to describe it is that I swear some
little kid put a big sign on our backs that said, rather than “kick
me”, “please tell me all of your deepest darkest trials, because I’m
emotionally stable enough to hear all of them”.. Definitely not the
case, I’m still workin through some things, but I definitely
learned a lot about myself, and about why I’m here and about how well
Heavenly Father knows me. So Tuesday night we had dinner with a member
family, and we were talking about their story and how they met and
it’s so cute.. So I’ll tell you it first 🙂 They met each other at
hill Comorah when they were 18 and lived on opposite sides of the
country and saw each other like 5 times before his mission then she
dated and didn’t write him much, then decided she wanted to serve a
mission so they didn’t write like her whole mission but she had a neat
experience in the temple and wrote him then they got married two
months after she got home when they met for the 9th time ever at the
temple!! Crazy. Anyways, the husband went to go help the two kids with
something, and the wife just started venting to us, now I’m used to
listening to people’s struggles they’re facing because they trust us
cause of course Jesus Christ would listen to their trials, but it’s
really heart breaking sometimes! I guess her husband has been addicted
to pornography since they’ve been married and it’s caused so many
problems with both her marriage and her self esteem and she told us
all about how she blames herself, and is clinically depressed and all
these crazy thoughts shes had over the course of her marriage -11
years- I didn’t know how to help her or what to say.. We left and I
just cried and cried and got super depressed, I didn’t want to eat or
talk to my companion and I would try so hard to still be productive
but I just couldn’t get my emotions figured out..I’m a really happy
person and I just couldn’t feel happy, so I talked to my mission
president and told him everything and he counseled me a bit and then I
left and things were alright but I was still not great. Then a few
days later my sister training leader suggested I get a priesthood
blessing.. I did and it was awesome, my zone leader was so in tune
with the spirit and knew exactly what to say. And I felt better. We
went and visited her again and I just know gods hand is in this, I
know that Satan knew exactly what thoughts and feelings I needed to
have to doubt myself… But I know that I can help her! I’m doing lots
better and we’re still seeing miracles! We just couldn’t catch a break
this week. But I did learn a lot, I learned I need to communicate
my feelings better to work them out, and know that Heavenly Father
needs me right now to help sister Keller through this trial because I
can empathize with her. And I truly needed to feel sad and down to
test my faith–faith in the atonement and faith in my purpose and
willingness to be a missionary. I felt so much fear during this week
that I was going to get sent home because I just couldn’t figure out
how to get happy again.. And Heavenly Father knew that I needed to
have that so that I could re-commit myself to my calling.. It stinks
that it had to be that hard to learn these things, but I survived and
I’m grateful.. What was one of the biggest things you learned on your
mission, or something that you feel you needed to learn the most??

Keep on keepin on. And remember, like Uchtdorf said, that the gospel
is simple. Don’t over complicate things, don’t compare or doubt! Start
where YOU are, we don’t need to be more of anything to be the person
God wants us to be.
I love you and have an awesome week!

❤️ Sis. Palmer

This is from mine & Sister Orr’s photoshoot….Mostly Sister Orr’s.
IMG_1813 IMG_1816 IMG_1842 IMG_1849


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