Week 12

Transfers are this week… And we think that sister Orr is leaving, and that’s terrifying cause I don’t want to lead the area and/or train.. We find out tonight if I train and Tuesday where she goes! I love my companion sooo much, but we’re gonna be pals for a long time, so I’m excited to get to become friends with another awesome sister! 🙂

This week was full of so many miracles!! And other stuff too.

Monday we met with Lucia and right as she was just about to turn down being baptized we convinced her to wait until we went to the temple visitors center to completely put down the idea.. She thinks she’s too old to change her ways, but I know that the spirit of the temple will change her heart! Then we got to teach at a family home evening at a less active family who has just been rescued’s home and it was so cool.. The husband bore his testimony about an experience he had when he was 12 and he just knew the church was true.. And his wife shared how the spirit confirmed the truth of the church to her when she was converted! There were a couple other families there too, it was great! And… It was at a bonfire, so that was a bonus. (I didn’t think I’d have a s’more for 18 months…️)

Tuesday was awesome too.. Bill had just canceled our dinner plans with bishop when he was flipping through channels and the LDS General women’s broadcast was on so he watched it for a bit and ended up watching the whole thing and loved it! Then he agreed to come with us and Anna (the wife who wants to be baptized) to the TVC!! God is so mindful of his children… It’s wonderful. Then later that night we had a lesson with the Crawfords and we read and had them take notes on President Monsons talk “Be an example and a light” and then we all set a goal of one thing that we could do to better shine with the light of Christ..I took from the part of the talk that says “be different and to stand alone in a crowd. It is natural to fear what others might think or say. Comforting are the words of the psalm: “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?” As we make Christ the center of our lives, our fears will be replaced by the courage of our convictions.” So I’m going to work on fear, and not being afraid of what anyone else thinks of me and what I choose to believe, cause I’ve always kind of struggled with that in different ways throughout my life.. So yeah. You should pick something to work on from that talk too, cause I mean I’m sure you do better than I do, but there’s always room for improvement right? 🙂

Here’s a picture we took from the temple visitors center with Lucia 🙂

How cute is she?! She said that she has to think and pray about baptism.. But that she’d let us know what she decides soon. I love her so much, and the temple and this beautiful gospel!

Friday we did service.. And we painted a members garage door. Pretty fun time. 

Saturday was interesting.. We were so excited to take Anna and bill to the temple visitors center! We knew that Bill needed to feel just a sliver of the spirit, so we knew that the best place for that, but it ended up a disaster.. Bill is the type of person to ask a million questions but not listen to a word you say when you give an answer so he ends up asking the same question about 4 times, then he’ll interrupt you when you’re trying to answer..  kinda rude. So we went and he saw the display of the temple and asked a million questions, then we watched the restoration video and he asked some more then we watched the because he loves video and after that we asked him what he thought and how he felt during the video and if he felt the spirit,  and he said he hadn’t felt anything. The whole time!! He flipped and got super defensive and started drilling us..so we tried to bear our testimonies and he rejected them, he said there’s no way that we can “know” any things true.

Some people are  so afraid of feeling the spirit, and it breaks my heart.. Because I want him to feel that so badly, because it makes me so happy! We were in a place that invites nothing but the spirit and when we asked questions that would allow him to feel the spirit he would do anything to make that feeling go away.. He did agree to read the Book of Mormon and to maybe pray about it.. He said he’s never received any kind of answer at all from Heavenly Father.. Which makes me sad, because He is there just waiting to help us, but we have to ask.

Anyways, so that was kind of a bummer day, but hopefully it all works out.. I hope it softened his heart enough right now to support Anna in her decision!

Keep them in your prayers okay?? 🙂

That night we had our ward Halloween party… This was us trying to find a costume.

But we decided on Angels.  (it’s pretty fitting I think..)

Over my mission I’ve been studying the Book of Mormon while studying the institute student manual along side.. But this past week I decided I don’t know the stories well enough so I started over, then I’ve just read and read and read every chance I get and I’m already over half the way through it! I’ve never been to the point in my life where I just don’t want to put the book down, but I’m at that point and it’s the greatest thing ever! I love the Book of Mormon with my whole heart. I KNOW it’s true, I don’t think, or believe I know because Heavenly Father has confirmed that to me through the Holy Ghost, I can’t feel sad or afraid when I’m reading the Book of Mormon! Read it, and keep on reading it because if you come to know it’s true, then the rest of the gospel falls into place!

Here’s just a glimpse of what fall looks like over here.. (This is on Catharpin road..) Obviously the picture can’t capture its fullness, but it’s so gorgeous!

Also… This is my “mom”, my “grandma” and my “great-grandma”


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