Week 13

This week has been great!!! The cherry on top was on Monday when Elder
Anthony D. Perkins came and talked at a mission conference (1/2
mission conf) and he answered so many questions and concerns and
struggles that I’ve been facing, and it was exactly what I needed at
the perfect time to get me motivated and focused on the work of the
lord! One of the best things I learned (for a mission & for life) is
that we need to have faith in 3 things… #1 in our savior & the
atonement #2 in others & #3 in ourselves. That can be hard sometimes,
but they all play off of each other! Because faith & doubt cannot
coexist in any facet of our lives! This transfer our zone is focusing
on service, and charity–it is the reason for the season and we’re
trying to promote the reason for everyone every where.. So think about
how you can make this thanksgiving special for someone else you know,
someone who’s struggling in any way or who you think would benefit
because I think charity is the greatest attribute someone can
possess.. Let me know some of your experiences too cause we’re going
to do some kind of presentation or video about it. Thanks 🙂

This week was kind of slow investigator wise… Although Secret
Service Steve dos tell us that he would be baptized….. Holy we were
excited! We don’t have him on date yet, cause he doesn’t feel ready.
But SOON! We’re so excited. We’re still working out all the hard
details with Anna and Bill. I just want to get her baptized so badly,
but I’m submitting my will to His and just letting Him take over while
I do all I can! It’s hard.
Also! A member in our ward is an author (Cheri Schmidt) and one of her
fans got in contact with her and they brought up the church, so I’ve
been in contact with her this past week and we’re going to begin
lessons over Facebook and FaceTime!! Technology can be so great!!

On Halloween night we weren’t allowed to be outside after 4 so we went
to our Stake presidents house as a zone and got to watch a movie! We
watched The Cokeville Miracle and it was such a good, motivating movie
for missionaries and for everyone! It’s about a bomb threat at an
elementary school in Wyoming, and it talks about the kids experiences
they had while in the school…. Just watch it. It’s worth it.
We played a lot of games and ate A LOT of food and had this random
little photo booth thingy..

image2 (1)

Ahh yes, transfers! That’s my new companion. We’re exact opposites. I’ve been humbled sooo much this past week. I’m a brat, and Heavenly Father has given me this companion to make me not a brat and I love it! She is able to connect with the people we talk to with different things than I am which is awesome! She always talks to all of our investigators and some members about Lord of the Rings and Star Wars and Arabic (she speaks Arabic..) and I just stand there as it all flies in one ear and out the other until they talk about sports or singing or food or something like that.. Hahaha it’s been a good experience!! Her testimony is stellar and I know that we were put together for a purpose!!
We did a bunch of service…all the leaves are starting to fall now so we rake constantly!

image4 (1)

I also got to see Sister Labrum finally arrive.. She’s so cute. Not the most attractive picture with the sun burning my eyes, but it’s all I’ve got.


And this is Sister Makowa.. She knows the Dube family which is cool.. I told Eddy 🙂


Umm.. I had tapioca for the first time. So that was good.
Besides that not much is new!! Just lots of missionary stuff 🙂 I love it, and I love the people sooooo much. I’ll miss ol haymarket when I have to leave, I’ve grown so much here and have come to love the people way more than I thought I could!
I hope you’re doing great and making the most out of every day! Cause although a mission is short compared to this mortal life, this mortal life is so much shorter compared to eternity, so just choose to be happy each day! I know it’s not always easy, I really do!

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