Week 14

Day #110. Can you believe it.
This week was soooo great. Our investigator we were teaching that
lives in England is getting baptized!! So we get to skype in..
December 13! Technology is awesome. We had two solid referrals this
week which was just great, we contacted both of them and they are path
potential investigators, so hopefully they keep progressing!
We had zone conference this week and i received so many answers to
questions and concerns I’ve had.. President huntsman is the best! One
thing that I loved that made me think about all the returned
missionaries, and missionaries serving right now is something dieter f
uchtdorf said at a meeting to mission presidents he said, “the way you
can tell if you were a successful missionary is by how you apply the
gospel in your life AFTER the mission” I loved that.. So much! I read
the talk “A Consecrated Missionary” and other talks along with it.. I
had a very selfish personal study. But man, I realized how badly I
need to kick it into gear! To commit to be committed! Even more than I
was yesterday.. Progress is so essential to our heavenly fathers plan.
I noticed a line in the song praise to the man that stood out to me
and it’s, ‘Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven.’ And I know
that is true.. As we sacrifice our natural man, and our desires and
our opinions to the will of the lord, we are #blessed.

Anyways, we did lots and lots of service, as usual. It’s starting to
get freezing here (no snow yet though, so you utahns/idahoans have me
beat there… ☃ But geesh, humidity is brutal when it’s cold! This was
one of our projects this week.. We raked leaves (there’s A LOT of
leaves out here right now..) in the pouring rain.

Crazy. And dirty.

We met with Alissa Crawford, and wow her testimony is just blooming! It’s awesome to see as she makes a dedicated effort to seek truth how the spirit is working in her again! She’s da best.

Funny story about this dress real quick.
image3 (3)
Sooo we went and did service in Warrenton & it was at this home where this old couple used to live.. But they died, so their son moved in.. And all of their things are still there so he just moved his stuff in on top of theirs.. Then this lady moved in as a roommate with her 5 kids and brought all there stuff. This house is tiny and so with all their things lying around you can hardly move from room to room so we’re helping them clean it out! Anyways, we were in their basement and there is a corner of clothes.. Hundreds of clothes. And they all belong to the lady who passed away. But they said we could take them… So we did, and they’re not haunted so we’re good. But they’re all from like the 60’s, so it’s fun!

Anyways… The work is good! I love being a missionary. 🙂


I realize it’s only been a few days since Thursday..but it’s pday
again! These past few days have been great though! Not a ton has
happened just visiting some less actives and potentials and recent
converts 🙂 all good things!
I have a lesson with a lady living in England over Facebook, and she’s
one of my most solid investigators 🙂 haha I love her so much! She’s a
referral from a lady in the ward and she is SO prepared! Use social
media for GOOD.. The world makes social media out to be about “me, me,
me” but find a way to use it to help others, to bear witness of Christ
cause that’s why God gave us technology, not for selfies..
Unfortunately. Sorry to burst that bubble. I’m guilty of it too. But
I’ll be better!
Here are some cute kids who loved my photo booth app…
image1 (1) image2 (2)

cutie patooties.

We celebrated my companions 22 birthday at a lovely restaurant called BJ’s!!!
She’s old. –those are our sister training leaders sis chandler & sis
Williams.. I love them so much.
image3 (2)
Here’s other pictures cause I don’t know what to talk about….
My study desk! & ‘advantedge’ my favorite meal, cause I don’t want to be fat.
image4 (2)
Me and my companion building comp unity after weekly
planning…seriously, it was an awkward day in apt 121… So I said
let’s take a picture.. And then I said jump and so that was that.
image5 image6

It was less awkward of a day after that…so thumbs up to random revelation. 👍

We did service on Saturday out at this place where disabled veterans
go and stay for 4 hours… And we hauled giant logs in the bed of this
pickup over to a wood splitter then split the wood and then hauled the
wood a half a mile across this field to stack it… For 4 hours. In
the POURING rain! I was freezing, but how grateful I am for service 😊
and hot chocolate.
image7 (1)
Sunday was the primary program and oh my goodness, that’s my favorite
day of the year! Kids testimonies are the purest, simplest, most
powerful witnesses of gods love and power! One little boy said that he
felt closer to Christ when he was baptized because he was clean.. And
I thought about that, and how absolutely true is that? I see it in my
life constantly, that as I use the atonement and repent I feel so much
closer to my savior.. Obviously I can’t remember exactly how I felt
the day I was baptized.. But I know how I feel the second after I take
the sacrament, and I can be as clean as I was 11 years ago every day
of my life as long as I turn to Him! …pretty sweet. Another kid said
that when he was baptized that he felt he had so much responsibility
to take care of his spirit. How cute and true is that?! We are so
accountable for not only our bodies but for our spirits, we have had
our spirits since the beginning of forever and it’s up to us to keep
it clean and worthy! “May I always listen to that still small voice”
–another girl said that… Anyways, it was an awesome Sunday! I love
kids, and I love music! One of my favorite songs they sang that I had
never heard was ‘I Know He Lives’ & I’m going to type up the words
cause they’re great:
A long time ago in a beautiful place, children were gathered round Jesus.
He blessed and taught as they felt of His love.
Each saw the tears on His face.
The love that he felt for His little ones I know He feels for me.
I did not touch Him or sit on His knee, yet, Jesus is real to me.
I know He lives!
I will follow faithfully.
My heart I give to Him.
I know that my savior loves me.
Now I am here in a beautiful place, learning the teachings of Jesus.
Parents and teachers will help guide the way, lighting my path everyday.
Wrapped in the arms of my saviors love, I feel His gentle touch.
Living each day, I will follow His way, home to my father above.
I know He lives!
I will follow faithfully.
My heart I give to Him.
I know that my savior loves me.

It’s my favorite…
I hope you know that I know He lives. He has become a part of me, the
best part of me. My heart I give to Him.  It has only been through the
atonement of Jesus Christ that I put my hope and my trust in.. How
amazing to think that we do not have to remain as we are.. But that we
can become better, each and every day so that one day we can become
just as our heavenly parents are; perfect. I know my prayers are
heard, because I know that I am a treasured daughter of God.. And He
wants me to be happy, and this gospel is my source of happiness.
Christ is my source of happiness, the Book of Mormon is my source of
happiness, the promise of eternity and hope and life and love. I know
Joseph Smith saw our father and Jesus Christ, and he suffered more
than any other person, after our savior, so that the world could have
the fullness that the gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
brings. The Book of Mormon is true, it is the worlds most powerful
witness of Jesus christ, and I know that it is true. I do not think, I
do not hope, I do not believe; I know. Because of the undeniable
feelings that have been given to me through the Holy Ghost, telling my
spirit that it is true. I pray that I can find people here in Virginia
to teach, and to share my light of Christ so that I can help lift
their spirits.. But I know that you are struggling too.. That you face
doubts and trials and questions too that threaten your faith, because
I have felt that too! But never lose the faith you do have, hold onto
it with all your strength.. And when that fails, lean on my testimony
because I love this gospel. It is who I am.

❤️ Sis Palmer
I hope you have a happy thanksgiving! 🦃


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