Week 15

Blessings. blessings. blessings.
Tuesday night we stopped by to go see Lucia (cute old lady @ temple)
and she wasn’t home, but her daughter Lissa was, so she let us in and
talked to us about her family and past and hard stuff in her life and
we worked religion into that and she asked what we believe and other
perfect questions and we ended up just teaching the whole restoration
lesson. And wow. I have never felt the spirit so much in a resto
lesson as much as I did then. She has so much real intent it’s crazy.
The first vision is so powerful. Anyways after we finished the first
vision we invited her to ponder and pray about the Book of Mormon and
I (lacking boldness) asked if she did receive confirmation that the
Book of Mormon were true, if she would act on it.. And she looked at
me confused and said, “You mean would I become a Mormon?” Yes. Yes
that’s exactly what I mean. it was funny. I need to be more bold,
obviously haha but it was such an awesome night… I love her so much!
And I truly think that if she made the decision to learn and come
closer to Christ that it will help Lucia and her decision to choose a
date and be baptized!
Miracles happen when you work hard and are obedient!!!! I’m a living
testimony of it.

Thanksgiving was sooo great! We weren’t allowed to proselyte so we
just went where we were invited, and it was a blast! We got to see two
of my favorite families! I don’t pick favorites… But if I did they
would be them. We went to sister Allens first (my second momma our
here.. She always takes care of us) and then we went to the Taylor’s
which was good, he’s our Ward mission leader. And then we ended up at
the Schmidts for the rest of the night, and they are such an awesome
family! I love them! But it was a good thanksgiving, I love the
holiday seasons cause it’s a time set aside to force you to
acknowledge the many blessings we do have.. I want to have that
mindset all the time!

Something exciting and new is that ALL the missionaries in our mission
get to sing at the DC temple visitors center on Christmas Eve! That’ll
be a blast!! I have never really loved choirs…but I figured i would
never get this chance again in my life! So that’ll be fun!

We were finally able to do family history with Anna, and oh my
goodness it was so exciting to be able to find people.. I just KNOW
that she has a member of the church somewhere in her family cause she
has sooo much work done one certain lines in her family. It was
awesome and she was excited!! So that was fun.

We did lots of service, we worked at the farm for 6 hours on Saturday
which is always fun! I made some pals (goats) and we’re all pretty
tight now.. There’s princess, Lily, daisy, Oreo, dutchy, chonchy, and
star. 🐐 goats r kewl.

Saturday night before we were about to leave the apartment after
dinner we said a prayer as we were about to leave, and told Heavenly
Father what our plans were for the night and we said that if He wanted
us to change our plans to just tell us to.. So as were walking out I
decided I wanted hot chocolate (there’s a hot chocolate machine where
we live) so we turned around and got hot chocolate.. Then we ran into
Vince (a man who we taught, who is going through some really hard
times right now) and he was talking to a guy named bob about stuff so
we sat down and just wanted to get to know them before we left and
they started talking about how terrible the world was and stuff and
they asked what we were and what we did and in the middle of me
talking Vince said “you have the greatest twinkle in your eye” (BEST
COMPLIMENT EVER!) and I told him that it’s because I have hope.. I
hate it when people tell me that I’m young and that I’ve never had to
deal with a hard thing my whole life, it makes me want to slap them
and say, “you don’t know me” but I refrain from doing so for the time
being.. But seriously, they thought that I didn’t see all the bad
things that are happening in the world, and that I was just oblivious
to hard things. I said & I say to you that I see the bad things, I
hear about bad new, I see bad people, I witness bad choices, and I
feel sadness. But I choose to look at all the beautiful things in the
world, because while there are so many negative things happening,
there is atleast 10 times more positive, beautiful things.. No matter
what happens around us we will always have a loving Heavenly Father,
and His son who knows us better than anyone else, we will always have
trees, and birds, and grass, and flowers, and music, and family, and
love, and laughter and everything else that makes the world go round.
I have hope, and the twinkle in my eye that Vince saw is a result of
that hope. And seeing that these two guys had no hope tore my heart
right in half, because I know that because they are so down and
depressed that something is missing in their lives… It’s hope. The
hope that comes from the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
How grateful I am for the knowledge I have, I treasure it over
everything!! Hold onto that hope, and if you can’t.. Lean on me (when
you’re not stein, I’ll be your hand.. Help you to carry on–I’ve had
this song stuck in my head all day.) and I’ll tell you all about the
hope that I have because of what I know to be true!


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