Week 16

This week was so great! I love the Christmas season!!! ❤️ We got to do
service for member who just had surgery, which consisted of putting up
all her Christmas decorations and it was the greatest thing ever.

We also found an old Christmas tree for our apartment…
Not quite as fancy I know. But it will do. 🎄
And then there’s this GIANT Christmas tree in our apartment that I’m
in love with and I get to stare at it when we play on the grand piano
in the foyer (I love where we live.. All the old people are my pals)
But really, it’s awesome to be a missionary during the holiday season,
because all you can do is focus on other people… And it’s the
greatest thing. I love all the lights and the decorations, but it’s so
wonderful to be able to give people the greatest gift of all & that’s
the knowledge of the gospel. Especially during these perilous times
when people are searching for even just a sliver of faith to hold
I know that it will.
We were able to have dinner with my favorite family in the whole world
(besides my own, of course) the Schmidts & after dinner they all want
to show us cool pictures and videos on their phones so I got a picture
of the moment.
And then we got to teach a 19 year old less active the plan of
salvation with my cute visual aids I made!! Laminated and everything.
We found out some fun facts about our mission like we have a 21:1
baptismal ratio which sounds awful.. But it’s actually pretty good for
the east coast I guess? I dunno. And it generally takes 3-4 months for
investigators to be baptized. Made me think to be a little more
patient with the people were teaching haha

We watched the Christmas devotional with one of my favorite families (The Keller’s) and it was so great.
We had this super awesome experience this week.. This less active in
our Ward and her nonmember husband came to church and he just told us
he wants to start taking the discussions.. So she works for a member
of the 70 and they both met with him and he challenged Michael to go
to church with an open mind and so he did and it just led to so many
miracles.. All the right people were in the right places at the right
time and it was so great!

Sister Palmer ❤️


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