Week 17

Holy cow it has been a crazy week!
Some of the most exciting news… I got to see my investigator be
baptized in England!! I’m so grateful for technology… Wow. It was
such a wonderful experience to hear Leanne being able to enter the
waters of baptism. My spirit was touched! I skyped in yesterday and
saw and talked to her for the first time, it was awesome. Missionary
work is the best!
We (Sister O’Donnal, Sister Williams, Sister Chandler and I) got to go
and work at the temple visitors center for the Festival of Lights and
it was such a neat experience, I feel blessed that I’m serving where
I’m serving though… I don’t know that I could do that every night,
so kudos to those sisters!! Here’s some pictures 🙂
Sadly I had to say goodbye to a lot of people this week.. It’s so
weird thinking that I may never see some of these people I’ve grown to
love so much ever again.. But that’s just the way missions go I guess!
This is Ed & Louis who were our best friends where we lived!
And then there were so many more like the Schmidts, the Crawfords,
Sister Allen, Sister Keller, the Porters, the Alvernaz’s, Lucia,
Anna…. Man, it’s been tough. But I’m still writing them and some of
my old investigators so it’ll be alright!
Then we had our last zone training as the Manassas zone and it was
just wonderful, I loved my zone sooo much! Lots of great missionaries.
Yes, it’s true. I was transferred from my beloved Haymarket, but life
has been good! I have TWO of the worlds best companions… One of whom
was my sister training leader back in Haymarket (sister chandler) it’s
going to be such a good transfer. Sister Eaton is my other companion
and she goes home next transfer, but she is the most consecrated
missionary I’ve ever seen, it’s so good for me cause both of them go
home pretty soon, and ya know that’s not in my near future, but they
are both extremely focused which helps me stay focused! I’m not gonna
say it’s easy, cause it’s real tough, but I feel like I’m going to
learn sooooo much these next 6 weeks!! For example: on Friday we went
out and we’re going to visit a few people, but when we stopped by one
investigators home she wasn’t home so we left and there was this car
parked in the middle of the road, and we saw that their window was
down, so Sister Eaton (the oldest, boldest and best) went back and
talked to him and he was so awesome he believed in so many of the same
things we did. He is from Ethiopia and he was so shocked when we gave
him a copy of The Book of Mormon, but so excited. It was a huge
testimony builder to me to know that Heavenly Father puts us in
certain places at certain times even when our original plans don’t
work out. His hand is in EVERYTHING.
Here’s the three of us!
(I got told I looked like an old Mexican lady like 3 times that day…)
And our apartment… I’m realizing how spoiled I really was in
Haymarket cause holy cow this new apartment is SO tiny. And now there
are 3 of us. Trying to all get showered and ready in 45 minutes is
rough let me tell ya.
But besides that it’s been a great week.. A crazy and hard week, but
I’m excited for this transfer and for what I’m going to learn! I’m so
excited for Christmas it’s ridiculous, but staying focused! We get to
work at the Temple visitors center again tonight and then we actually
get to go to a show next week (they do different musical performances
here every night that attracts SO many different people…it’s crazy
every night. Such an awesome way to hasten the work. Temples are the
Life is good. Missions are tough, but good! Love you and have a great week!
Only 11 days til Christmas!!!!
Sis. Palmer


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