Week 20

Happy 2016…. So werid, time flies!

This week was good though, the first half everybody was still m.i.a but now that the holidays are over everyone is coming back to Herndon so that they can hear the gospel. Yeah, it hasn’t been a super eventful week… We had district meeting and the senior couple in our district always takes us out to eat at a place called ‘Red, Hot & Blue’ so that was good.

image3 (1)
image1 (2)
^^This is Sister Davis

And my companions massive burger. Delish.
image2 (2)
It was a good time. Then Tuesday night was interesting. We were so excited because we had dinner with a nonmember family who have friends in the ward, who told us beforehand that this family was a ‘tell it like it is’ family… We weren’t worried. So we got there and had an awesome dinner and then she said that she hadn’t made dessert yet, so she stuck it in the oven (peach cobbler) and said for us to sit down on the couch because she was uncomfortable.. Instantly I knew it wasn’t gonna be good, but we started talking about everything like our majors and where we are from, then we asked about them and found out he’s a pastor of his own church and then they just started slamming us with questions and telling us every reason why we’re wrong, and the spirit left pretty quick, it was not a pleasant feeling. An hour later, after trying not to be rude, we made up an appointment we needed to go to and left, and I was filled with the most awful feeling.. I decided that we needed to go to a place where the spirit could be, so we drove to the chapel and I prayed and asked for confirmation that the church was true (again), but I didn’t feel anything. So I started to read the Book of Mormon and I opened up to Moroni 7 and it just had the answers to all the questions that they put into my head.. I was overwhelmed with the spirit. The Book of Mormon is true, Joseph Smith did do what he said he did, we have a living prophet today.. It all just makes sense. Heavenly Father has a plan for everyone. Although sometimes we face trials, and we have questions or doubts it doesn’t make it any less true..

Wednesday we had interviews with the President, which is always great! I’m “killing” (sending home) two companions this transfer, and he’s realizing how rough it is so he felt bad, and that was about how it went.. Kidding, it was good.

New years eve our zone got together and played basketball, and mafia and signs and ate lots of food and drank martinelli’s–super fun!
The countdown happened at 10:00.. We even got to ‘stay up’ 🙂

Saturday we had a finding fest so we tracted all afternoon, then we had a dinner with this cute family named the Liechty’s, then we crashed a wedding.. Yeah, my companion got permission to go to her old best friend from back home’s wedding reception, about 20 minutes from our area! It was cool. I got hit on by the grooms friend for a solid hour, I flashed him my name tag about 15 times.. Needless to say I felt awkward.. The lady standing across the room felt awkward.. My companion felt awkward.. Be he didn’t feel awkward. It was funny. Anyways, this is them-so cute.
image4 (1)
And I met my old bishop in Monroe, Bishop Tuft’s, family (the brides family) so that was cool!

The work is great, finally picking up cause everyone magically appeared again after the new year! So life’s been good 🙂



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