Week 21

We’re going to DC today so it’s earlyyyy.
I hope your week was great! Mine was pretty good, just some missionary
stuff! (Like 6 new investigators!!!!) *woot woot.
I can’t believe it’s already been about 6 months… (About) time flies.
But this week was full of crazy, fun, awesome and odd experiences! We
had exchanges and I got to go to oak ton with the lovely sister frei
(I knew her before the mish via Instagram…) she’s super sweet! We
found 3 new investigators that night and talked to so many people,
then sang together, it was good!
Then that ended, and later on we had a lesson with an investigator
named Giovanni and his girlfriend Kiera… Man, it was a good lesson,
but they are all over each other ALL the time. Imagine the comfort
level of a missionary in a time of crisis like that. But it was a good
lesson nonetheless. We taught the beautiful plan of hope-iness. After
the lesson we asked Kiera to pray, and she didn’t know what to pray
about, so we gave her some suggestions and one of them was to ask if
what we taught about the plan was true, and she said “I don’t really
need to ask that, I already know it’s true.” 😏 it was a good moment.

Then we had another exchange on Thursday cause sis Eaton got to go to
the temple to do baptisms with a recent convert… I was jealous. But
funny story, when we picked sister Eaton up again after everyone left
we realized (for some reason) sis Eaton had the other sisters phone.
So we race after them honking like mad (wo)men and finally caught up
to them as we’re going 50mph so I stick my head out the window with
their phone in hand screaming that we had it, so they reached out
there’s screaming and grabbed it… It was hilarious. Don’t know how
legal or safe it was, but it got the job done without wasting any time
so all was well!!

Saturday was the best day. We started with this big stake missionary
breakfast. Then we had a baptism in our Ward, a 16 year old boy that
the elders taught, then we had a lesson with Nadeem and Shazia and it
was so funny, we planned on staying there for about 30 minutes cause
we had to leave.. But they would NOT stop talking. They’re a Muslim
family from Pakistan, and seriously all we taught the whole time was
the premortal existence and the whole rest of the time they talked.
Cutest, kindest family ever though. There are SO many Muslim families
and people here, it’s super cool to get to know them! We just got a
referral that’s a Muslim woman with a 3 year old boy who wants to
convert to Christianity…I am so excited about it. Kinda crazy
experience and process, but really awesome.

Anyways, we finally got out of there and then we got to drive back to
my home in Haymarket!! It was wonderful. I got to see all the families
I’d grown to love (like the Schmidts and the kellers.. ❤️) and I got
to see secret service agent Steve baptized. Wow. That is the best
feeling and moment in the whole world. Seeing his family all there
finally getting to see him take that first step was amazing. It’s what
makes this whole crazy hard roller coaster of a mission worth every
second. He’s the greatest. I got to spend 90% of this long spiritual
journey with him, and it’s amazing to see how the gospel completely
changes a person. The journeys been going on for much longer than 5
months, more like 18 years, but still. It’s been awesome. Here’s pics
from the baptism!
His first two sisters he let teach him! 😊
image2And all the sisters that met with him!image3

Planting seeds is a real thing. You don’t always get to see the fruit
of your labors, but trust me when I say that every moment of a
mission, and of being an example of the believers counts.

We get to go to DC today and see the national cathedral. Stinkin $11
to even get into the place.. But it was beautiful. Not as beautiful as
these places, but beautiful!

I love you so much and hope life is going so great for you! This week
I have loved the scripture in Doctrine & Covenants 101:16 and it says
“Therefore, let your hearts be comforted concerning Zion; for all
flesh is in mine hands; be still and know that I am God.” I’ve made it
a theme for my mission and hopefully my life… Sometimes I stress out
because I want to do more than is humanely possible, because I want
people to have what I have dang it. And sometimes I get super down and
discouraged. But Heavenly Father tells us that we are all in His
hands… We all need to remember to be still and know that he is God.
He knows each one of us. He loves us. And he has a plan greater than
any plan we have for ourselves, and even though it may take us down
some roads that don’t seem appealing to us, we know that “He doeth not
anything save it be for the benefit of the world; for he loveth the
world, even that he layeth down his own life that he may draw all men
unto him.” (2Nephi26:24). I love Him. So much. It’s sweet that we have
a big brother who would do so much for us, and a father who would be
willing to let him do it.


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