Week 22

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!
Pretty cool.
We started out this morning playing volleyball with a bunch of people
from the three wards which was fun… The lady in the back was at the
top of Utah for two man sand volleyball so we actually got to dig and
hit well!
image4 (1)

This week has been good! We had our favorite Jamaican investigator at church which was sweet, he loved it and we’ll meet with him Wednesday and hopefully put him on date so stay tuned. He’s the coolest guy.
I got to sing in sacrament which was fun, while sister Eaton played the piano and you all know how much I love to sing!

This week we worked with a lot of members and less actives cause we put together a fireside for members on how to do member missionary work.. We presented on social media and had sister Schmidt come talk about her experience with the lady in England, Leanne and she did so great! Her husband took pictures:


image3 (1)

Favorite family ever.

We had an awesome zone conference! We deleted Facebook off of our iPads which is a good thing, but we will still use it, just at library’s and stuff like that. Then our zone leaders talked about the phrase “consider the lilies” which I had heard before, but never really understood. They talked about how missions are hard, but Christ helps us through everything… Even the wild lilies are taken care of, so he’s always watching out for his missionaries.. It was cool. I love that song too, if you haven’t heard it go listen cause it’s a good one!
Here’s the zone:

We had ribs at the senior missionaries in my wards home (only my second time ever) and wow they were amazing. I had 6 and another sister had 18!!!!!!!! She wanted to beat this Polynesian elders record of 16 so she did. It was disgusting, but we were proud of her!

image1 (1)
There is this wonderful place on the east coast, if any of you ever venture over here be sure to go.. It’s called Duck Donuts. Those things are dangerous.
This is a cute less active lady in my ward who’s name is Savithri from Sri Lanka. We love her.

And this is exactly how far away my homeland is… We had to navigate to DC so I was curious.

But life is so good!! My companion is leaving me which is depressing, and terrifying (I don’t want to train) but transfers this week will be interesting! We get 14 new missionaries… Super exciting!



I hope you’re all being little fireflies (lights) in the world, because you never know who is watching!!
“Have you ever stopped to think that perhaps you are the light sent by Heavenly Father to lead another safely home or to be a beacon from a distance to show the way back to the straight and narrow path that leads to eternal life? Your light is a beacon and should never stop burning or mislead those who are looking for a way home.”

I love that.

Also I set a New Years goal to never be angry again. It’s gonna be so tough, but I’m going to work hard because we are supposed to “do what is right continually” satan tries to tell me that I have no choice in being angry, so boy am I gonna show him 😉 It’ll be good!! I’m excited for the challenge 🙂 I hope you’ve set awesome goals for the new year!!
Sorry it’s kind of a lame email, it’s been kind of a slow week… But I love you and hope you’re doing sooo great! Let me know if you need anything!
Also, if you could make a special effort to keep Lee in your prayers that would be so awesome, thanks a million billion!
Sister Palmer


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