Week 23

This week was crazy!! I haven’t seen so much snow since the good ol
childhood days back in Idaho! We got slammed with 25 inches in a
matter of hours… It was nuts. We got the order to stay indoors for 4
days, I always think I would like a break from work work work, but now
I never want to be in my apartment ever again.

The snow drifts are crazy…. We’ve dug out so many peoples cars from our parking lot you wouldn’t believe.. And they’re low on diesel fuel over here, so they can’t get any plows anywhere to move the snow. It’s just a real sticky situation Virginia and most of the east coast is facing… But we ended up getting out of the apartment and playing in it because we couldn’t resist.

It was a fun week.
Besides the storm we had transfers! As you can see that’s not Sister Eaton… In fact I got to “kill” another companion! But we ate her last supper together=sushi (just California rolls for me)


But we had to say see ya later… I miss her face, but she’s all happy and home πŸ™‚
All is well! My new companions name is Sister Stammerjohn and she is the cutest. I came out with her, we were roommates in the MTC and we celebrated our 6 month-iversary from the MTC together, pretty sweet, we burned a pair of tights.. It stunk so bad, but it was worth the laughs and memories!

We’ve gotten to know each other REAL well this past week, but it’s been great! I’ve had time to study and to clean and to think and still try and get creative with ways to still be a missionary! We don’t live in our area, so we would have to hike through 3 feel of snow for a few miles, so for now we will be making so many calls getting to know our area book perfectly! It’s been GREAT.
Basically this emails just going to be pictures because we haven’t done much… Onto day #5 in the apartment…. I’m going crazy. But I do still love you and hope that you’re doing so great!! Find some ways to serve your neighbor, and keep praying for those who don’t have the same essentials that we all take for granted over here! Love you!!

Sister Palmer



Here’s our first day together! Celebrated our 6 month mark! πŸ™‚



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