Week 24 (or something like that..)

This week was good!!
We had lots of lessons (finally) and got to talk to a lot of people!
We were finally free of our apartment on Wednesday- we were imprisoned
for 5 days, so we worked hard the rest of the week to make up for it,
and it was so great! The highlight of this whole week was on Wednesday
night.. We met with Lee (our awesome Jamaican investigator) ..
He was an hour late due to traffic/ice– so this is us waiting for him.

Anyways, we were teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, and we invited him to be baptized, but he said that he would think about it.. So I had the impression to read alma 32 and talk to him about faith, he has SO much faith! And I bore my testimony, and reminded him of the feelings that he had described to us as he read the Book of Mormon and as he came to church, and I told him that the spirit confirms truth.. And instantly you could see his countenance change (hands down one of my favorite parts of missionary work) and then I had the impression to set a date for him to be baptized- and the date that came to mind was two weeks later!! I fought the thought for a second, because that’s soon and stressful and crazy, but then after the spirit slapped me for the 3rd time I asked if he would be baptized on that date and he sat for a few long seconds and said YES! February 20!!! Ahh man, I’m excited. He’s the best!
We met a million other awesome people this week! We had a baptism in Sister Stammerjohns old area which was sweet, she’s from Ghana so they all dressed in African dresses (so cute).
I can’t remember every little moment and detail of everyday… Sorry. But as we were diligent and strived to be obedient we saw so many blessings! For example the temperature went from 18 degrees to 62 degrees in 24 hours. 😉 that was sweet. Just a tender mercy.
I almost ran over my companion as she was backing me… Twice. She even said I was a great driver a few days before.
Here’s the new district #FranklinDistrictIs#1
I love being a missionary.
It brings me a lot of joy.
A lot of stress,and a lot of insomnia and hair loss- but SO much joy!!!
I’ve never felt so much happiness in my entire life. My companion described the mission as a million dollar experience that you’d never pay a dime to do again. (I laughed) but I want to be a missionary forever and beyond! And we don’t have to wear a name tag to do it! Remember that there are struggling members, and prepared nonmembers everywhere you look! So be kind and loving and an example to everyone you meet!
What’s an uplifting/spiritual experience or scripture or something that you found this week?? I wanna hear them all!
I love you sooo much and pray for you every day! Have a great week!

Sister Palmer
P.S. I love my companion!!


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