Week 25

Trying to keep track of this week has been rough for these past 20
minutes… Umm, it was a good week, nothing like exceptionally crazy
or monumental-but still just as wonderful as ever! Lots of service, we
found a lot of prepared people, so that’s always so exciting!

We’re going to start teaching an English class at a senior center to like 25 elderly Asians…. I’m SO nervous. So stay tuned for how that turns out, it could be a nightmare, but it’ll be good!

We met with a lot of less actives, and members, one of them named Sarah shared her story which was a huge faith builder for me! She moved here from Ghana and had a couple kids, and she went to a church almost an hour away, so she prayed and told Heavenly Father that she would join the very first church that she walked into.. So she walked and not even two blocks down the road she ran into this beautiful church, so she told her spell- this is my church- but she wasn’t dressed in Sunday attire, so she turned around to go home, but got a feeling in her heart telling her to turn around and go in… So she did! And she stayed for all 3 blocks of church! 9 hours! (And we complain about 3) and loved it. Then the missionaries met her a couple days later and she was baptized two weeks later. MIRACLES DO HAPPEN. She is the sweetest lady ever!

Another neat experience, which strengthened my faith even more in the power of the priesthood was when we got a call Thursday afternoon from one of our less actives named Isatu, she was frantic and crying and there’s already a huge language barrier between us so we just asked if we could come over.. So we did, and she explained that she hadn’t been to work in nearly two weeks (which is sooo bad, she has to work to survive) and she’d been to the hospital twice and they did scans and discovered a tumor in her neck… My heart was broken. I love Isatu so much, so immediately the thought came to mind to call the elders, and we finally got ahold of them we told them we’d come pick them up (they’re on bikes) and then we realized halfway there that we n ended another male present (mission rule) so we called everyone we knew and had no luck, but the elders had dropped their bikes off at some random me,hers we’d never met before (less actives) and just as we were about to just break the rule, the member pulled up and the elders asked if he could join so he followed us all the way there and the elders gave her a blessing.. Everything just magically (not magically) worked out. And it was awesome. Priesthood power is real, and it is wonderful. Stay worthy, and always always always use that power given to use when you feel that you need it. Also, please keep Isatu in your prayers! Thank you.

Besides that, there were a million miracles, an almost dog attack, a hippie couple with 200 birds and 25 rats (ewwww) and many more… I love serving, and I love my Heavenly Father and His son soooo much!



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