Week 28

Hello! I hope you’re doing great, this week went pretty good! Me and
my companion and two hermanas went to DC for the day so we are
currently at a wonderful restaurant called good stuff…. It lives up
to the name. We walked the mall & saw the Washington monument, the
White House, and the Capitol 🙂

It was reeeeal windy.

Spring must be a rough time for Herndon, we went finding all day every day and we taught 2 lessons all week!!! People just weren’t feelin it this week, but I know that the lord has prepared people just waiting to hear about the wonderful gospel.
We had a fun zone activity where we played volleyball and basketball, and tie dyed shirts– Oakton zone is a good one.

We had the Book of Mormon class again and it went good, we talked about the testimony of Joseph smith… It is SO powerful. If you haven’t read it, you should-& soon! Even if you have, read it again. Heavenly Father provided us with 12 witnesses of the Book of Mormon because he knew that the world wasn’t gonna listen, and as we read their testimonies that they NEVER denied. It’s pretty neat.

Here’s our district dinner at the senior couples house the Davis’s.

The end of the week was real rough, we had one of those experiences that’s just terrible, so you never talk about it again. But after a police call, some yelling, a priesthood blessing and lots of prayers were doin better!

The miracle of the week came from this random phone call we got on Wednesday, we answered and immediately he asked ‘is this the missionaries?’ And we said yes and he said I’m coming to church, so we said oh okay great. Then we forgot about it until Saturday big when he called us again and reminded us (we’re  terrible). He showed up the nest morning with a Book of Mormon, a restoration pamphlet, a Book of Mormon study guide, and a notebook in hand ready for 3 hours of Ward conference. It was awesome. Then he came to a fireside that night for new and returning members, and he said that he wanted that… Miracles for days. So many blessings been amongst all the chaos.

We talked a lot about sabbath day observance at the Ward conference, it’s like the topic of the church right now basically, so it must be important! But we thought of some ways to make the sabbath a delight & I liked them so I’ll share them.
Sabbath day:
Become a topic of conversation
Reaching to be prayerful
Exercising agency
Emphasis on what to do
Encouraging to seek personal revelation
Focused on best
Involve family council
Exercise faith and working through hard things
Teaching sacrifice
Help see you the success of exercising faith
Time to teach love, honor, respect to family
Being mindful of the sabbath
Communication with family/spouse
The sabbath is such a personal, special day and it’s up to us to seek the lords guidance on how we can make it a delight for each of us.
The lord was rebuked so many times for ‘breaking the sabbath’ for healing too many people, for walking to much, for forgiving too many sins–we don’t have to make a ‘do & don’t’ list for what to do and what not to do on the sabbath day. But follow the example of Jesus Christ, be prayerful and discover what would be effective for you or your family and what will help bring you closer together and bring you closer to Christ.
‘Man was not made from the sabbath, but the sabbath was made for man.’

I love you!!!!
We took more pictures.


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