Week 29

This week was goooood. We die a TON of finding, which isn’t always at the top of the list of fun things to do as a missionary, but we made it work!

I’m staying in the Hern for this 7 week transfer, as I mentioned before, and I got to stay with my stellar companion Sister Stammerjohn! (#blessing)

She’s the greatest.
Anyways, I’ve talked about Bruce a little bit before but he’s the MVP of these past couple week. Talk about prepared. He called us one day and said “I’m coming to church” so he came and loved it and then came to a fire side almost an hour away that night and loved that even more. The first thing he said to us was “the missionaries on Mormon.org said that I need to go to church 4 times before I can get baptized.”
Our jaws dropped on the floor. “ya. Ya you do.” Was all we managed to spit out.
Anyways, we had a lesson on Friday and taught the lovely restoration and he loved it! He’s already been to Nauvoo, it’s like 1:30 minutes from his house.. So crazy. So he travels all he time. He’s lives in Iowa, but only like 2 months out of the year, and so we get to teach him over Skype. Super stoked.
We’re preparing with cute Jenny (a returning member) to go to the temple, we are so excited.
We’ve now started this new tradition. So every week we go help a sweet struggling family in the Ward, and every time we do she takes us out to lunch afterwards, well she started inviting another member, and then there was another… So every week it’s us and the older ladies in the Ward. SO fun 🙂 I always look forward to it!
I bore my testimony on Sunday… I was the one who runs up as fast as she can because really, the time is up to bear testimonies, but you just reeeeally need to do it so you race the bishop to the stand before he can close the meeting, and everyone in the chapel rolls their eyes because, seriously… Another one?! But… I did it.
I made it short and sweet, and I’ll do the same here!
I just love the lord soooo very much. I’m so grateful for the example He is in my life. I owe everything I am to Him. He wants to be there, His arms are always outstretched, yearning for us to come.
“Come. It is an immediate appeal, admitting no excuses. We who say to The Lord, “I am too busy; I am too tired; I will work for you at another time,” have missed the point. There is not a mortal being who is not burdened with the cares that threaten to absorb him altogether. All are preoccupied, all busy. But when Christ Said to Peter and Andrew fishing in the Sea of Galilee, “Come…and I will make you fishers of men,” they dropped their nets and came. (Mark 1:17) Come. It is without qualification. Not come when we are perfect. Not come when we have no doubts, when life is uncontested and we have no problems. Nor is it an invitation to come only if life is at its darkest- only in time of dire need. It is simple, “Come now, Come as you are.” Why is The Lord so insistent about this invitation?
Probably because He walked with us and knows firsthand the mysteries, violence, and contradictions of life on this earth. He knows if we will come to Him in pain, we will leave in Joy. If we come in confusion, we will leave in clarity. If we come in darkness, we will leave in light.”
I have felt that promise fulfilled so many times throughout my life. I am a witness of His love and His power. I love Him.

& I love you too. Just not as much as Him.

Love always,
Sister Palmer

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