Week 30


This week has been good… I’ve typed this email about 4 different times now, and my Ipad keeps deleting it, so it might be short and sweet.
But we’ve seen a lot of miracles this week! Bruce is praying about a date to be baptized! We found a few new people to teach, thanks to amazing members including Laura who we went and did service for, she was just diagnosed with two debilitating medical issues and so she has lost a lot of trust in God, she feels abandoned–we’ve all been there at one point or another at one degree or another, but she hasn’t lost faith in Him… She knows He’s there, she just doesn’t think He cares about her, but boy is she wrong!
Its spring. And WOW, Virginia springs are almost as pretty as Virginia falls. The blossoms here are MASSIVE. I didn’t realize they were so giant.
So beautiful.
We had dinner with Savi at an Indian restaraunt… Not my favorite, but thats alright, it was fun!

The weather here has been AMAZING. Like the windows can be down amazing- almost in the high 80s.

We had exchanges with our STLs-They’re a hoot.

We did our weekly planning while soaking up the sun (as much as a sister missionary can soak up the sun) on our balcony!
We had interviews with President Huntsman and that’s going to be a focus mission-wide. Happiness. I remember thinking that missionaries were NEVER unhappy, til I went into the MTC and was slapped by reality. Missionary work is hard! But one of the most rewarding and satisfying ways to spend 18 months. He asked us to choose one thing on this list that he had to work on and focus on throughout the week they included things like prayer, temples, hard work, and I cant remember what else.. but similar things! And so I chose to work on prayers & (because I’m a rebel) temples. So I’ve been implementing temples and prayer into the lessons that we teach, focusing on the happiness that comes from the beautiful restored gospel.
I read a talk this week called Happiness, Your Heritage– read it!
Sometimes, I’m guilty of causing my own unhappiness-I’m my own worst critic. Aren’t we all?
President Uchtdorf mentions “sometimes we undervalue our abilities- we focus on what is lacking or imperfect rather than what has been accomplished and who we really are.” That’s just about a perfect definition of it too. He later cuts me a little bit of slack when he said, ” this also points to an admirable quality: the innate desire to please the Lord to the best of our ability.”  But I’m trying to switch my thoughts to ALL positive, its really hard. BUT I know that it will be worth it!
As I’ve served (for a whopping 8 months) I’ve discovered the things that truly make me happy. And making others happy really brings me so much happiness, James Barrie, the author of Peter Pan said, “Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.” 🙂 I love that. “The number of prayers we say may contribute to our happiness, but the number of prayers we answer may be of even greater importance.”
I challenge you, along with Pres. Uchtdorf  to “open your eyes,and see the heavy hearts, notice the loneliness and despair; let us feel the silent prayers of others around us, and let us be an instrument in the hands of the Lord to answer those prayers.”
“Work will cure your grief. Serve others”– wise words of President Hinckley.
I hope you can feel my love from over here!!
Sis. Palmer
—> This is after our lesson with Bruce via Skype on the Plan of Happiness


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