Week 31

I FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON.  –about an hour ago.

For the first time reading every single word, and wow. I’m so grateful
that we have it. I can’t even fathom what Nephi and King Benjamin and
Abinadi and Alma and Mormon and Moroni and Joseph Smith went through
so that we would be able to read it… To have it constantly at our
fingertips. To come to know my savior sooo much better, out of the
6,607 total verses found in the Book of Mormon, 3,925 have Jesus
Christ’s name. It is another testament of Him.
It tells of how is loving, how provident, how good, how forgiving our
Heavenly Father has been toward us, toward me. He does not leave me
comfortless, nor will he ever!! He promises us that. We live in the
best times, we have the truth and have access to all the promised
blessings the lord will give 🙂
Although I didn’t have some lightning experience from taking Moroni’s
challenge to read, ponder and ask– I know it’s true. Because it feels
good, I feel whole and I feel closer to my Father and His Son from
reading it.
Read it!! If you’ve read it, you’re not done! 70 more years are coming
your way so read it again and again and again 🙂 And if you have a
fund, or meaningful way you like to study it- tell me 🙂
This week was good! Bruce (skype investigator) is on date for April 8
(my seesters birthday) and I’m sooo excited for him! He’s so prepared!
We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and some commandments and when we
talked about chastity we asked why he thought it was important and he
said “well, so that you can find ‘the one’ and be sealed to them” …
1st of all: never have I ever had an investigator who gave me an
answer as true and meaningful as that. How true is that?! We live in a
world that maneuvers gods laws, but Bruce totally gets it! Obviously
I’m not sealed to any sort of eternal companion (YET) but I strive
everyday for my celestial family I’ve been promised one day. & you
should too!!! 🙂
We met some really awesome people this week! We found some new gators,
which is awesome.  We met with Laura again, she was havin a rough day
so both sister Stammerjohn during a prayer had the impression to
invite her to pray about getting a priesthood blessing. So we
explained it, and she was super excited about it (as were we) so this
week she will get one 🙂 I love the stinkin priesthood. You boys/young
men/ men out there hold onto it… It’s one of heavenly fathers most
precious gifts to me, and I need YOU to be worthy to hold it 🙂 So
I’ll follow up on how that goes with her (I sound like a
missionary…….😳) But for real. It’s been 8 months this week!!
Also, this day:

​Was a year ago from last week……. Time flies!!!!!
It’s sure beautiful over here on this side of the country…

​We’re going to DC next Monday to see all the cherry blossoms! I’m stoked.

Everyone go onto LDS.org and check out these family trees… They’re s’cute.

We had zone training which was grrrreat. We’re focusing on “flooding
the earth with the Book of Mormon” so sis. StammerJ and I set a goal
to pass out 90 Books of Mormon in these 7 weeks.. It’s hard, but it
pushes us! We’ll get there!

Ohh, we watched the face-to-face with Elder Holland and a familiar
face popped up on my screen- such a great surprise! I love the Hobbs
family! And little Preston Idaho.

Anyways, that just about sums up our week 🙂 I love you sooo much and
hope you have a great week!

Keep the faith! ❤

Much love,
Sis. Palmer 🙂

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