Week 32

This week was awesome. We worked hard, and saw the blessings that came
from working hard with faith, which is always wonderful. Such a
testimony builder 🙂
We had a lot of awesome experiences, we met a lady who hasn’t been to
church since she was 8 because her dad fell away after her mom died,
but she just got back in touch with her cousin in Utah who sent her
this awesome package with her moms mom’s old journal entries with her
in them, and her old hymnal… It was neat. She said she’s been
praying for a change, and then all this happened and she is happy…
It’s awesome how Heavenly Father often works though others. I feel
that that was a huge theme in the women’s conference too; we are the
tools Heavenly Father uses to answer someone else’s prayers, and I
feel soooo happy when something I do after following a prompting may
be an answer to another’s prayer. I love serving others. I love
people. I act like I don’t, but I do.

Okay. I’m not even the same person anymore-this is not spiritually related.
Tuesday our zone had this service opportunity to give BLOOD- our leaders asked a couple weeks before if I would donate and without a second thought I said NO way. First of all, I’m absolutely petrified of needles (I cry when I have to get any sort of shot) and second, I get really woozy around blood. So the thought left my mind. Tuesday came around,  and everyone else was going to give blood, and I felt a little left out, and then I thought about how I’d never actually tried to give blood before, so maybe donating would be different from getting a shot.. all these crazy thoughts came into my head-I was thinking that I might actually regret it if I didn’t donate. Anyways after a 3 hour internal battle I wound up at the stinkin little blood donation bus filling out papers for these strangers to stick a needle in my arm. I was freaking out, my heart racing, head pounding, breathing quickened and then they made me come in the bus and I saw all the others in there with the blood pouches and needles and their freaked out faces, and wow my head was light, but I went in this little room and the lady had to check my iron levels so she pricked my finger and I looked away with tears rolling down my cheeks (I wasn’t lying) and after a long moment rolled by she informed me that I had an iron deficiency and that I couldn’t donate, so I could either try the test again or just leave… So I sat there contemplating for a bit and the same (I’m going to regret it if I don’t) thought came back so I let her poke me AGAIN, then there were more tears and looking away just to have the same results. So after all the worry and tears, I didn’t donate any blood, but I did end up with a nice lunch from my companion for being “brave” and some poked, gross fingers 🙂

Atleast I tried. Now I know I’ll never try again, once was enough.
Anyways, that was my courageous story for the week.
One day for lunch we didn’t have much time before our lesson, but we were exhausted… (We’ve been waking up at 5:30 so we could workout.. It doesn’t always workout) so we parked the car and just slept for 15 minutes…. Some of the looks we got were so funny.

Bruce is amazing, as always. He’s prepared, he’s excited for conference and his baptism is in T-minus 2 weeks (woo hoo!) Baptisms are better than Christmas!! (Sometimes… I don’t know that may have been an exaggeration) but they are wonderful, just seeing the change that has already happened in his life is amazing! We talked about different commandments this week, and the spirit was definitely present.
Laura got a priesthood blessing from the elders, which was an awesome spiritual experience for her, she’s felt a little lost and abandoned, but in her blessing the elder just kept saying “don’t forget that your father and savior love you” It seriously kept ringing in my ears, almost like I needed to hear that too.. He loves YOU.
We did lots of finding (the usual) but we tried to be super diligent this week and were blessed! We met so many people who were prepared for either the gospel, or just a copy of the Book of Mormon… We passed out 9 in two hours- which is ridiculous here. We met some neat people, some weird people and everywhere in between. We took pictures cause the sun looked pretty, and we hadn’t taken any this week…

We had a great Easter, I got my cute little Easter package from my momma

Please feel free to send Cadbury eggs. ❤
I’m kidding, were trying to be more ‘healthy’ which is near impossible on a mission when you have awesome members. But that’s okay, better than not!
We went to the temple on the night of Easter to watch the savior of the world play thingy, but they wouldn’t let any missionaries in because there were so many people… So it was a big missionary party in the rest of the visitors center. Still felt a bit more like Easter with the help of the beautiful Washington, D.C. Temple.

Well, I love you  and hope you had such a wonderful week. Sorry this was so long, but you can just skim 🙂 I’m doing wonderful, loving spring time in Virginia I’m going to see the cherry blossoms in DC today –more pictures to come. I hope you had a wonderful Easter, and I hope you don’t make it a one day holiday… Because His sacrifice should be celebrated every day of our lives!

Lots and lots of love,
Sis. Palmer

So beeeeautiful.

Almost every where you looked there was a missionary 🙂 All of the missionaries from our mission went and saw them today #dcsouth

‘Twas a good day.


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