Week 34

Oh my goodness… This week was easily one of the best weeks of my mission.
Monday we went back to great falls and did our studies there…. Wow.
Beautiful. But as I was sitting there after reading the Book of
Mormon, I stopped because I was freezing my face off, but it gave me
the opportunity to pause and look around me. I had one of those
‘A-Ha!’ moments where I realized “oh, I’m actually here” & I felt my
Fathers love.. looking at His beautiful creations and listening to the
river crashing, and birds flying and chipmunks fighting. It was a very
personal moment I had with my Father in heaven. Super neat. It kind of
looks like mountains, but it’s not.

​We had an amazing spiritual moment with Laura… We watched “The hope of Gods light” (Mormon message) with her and she was in tears… She said it was so powerful, but that she’d been praying. That nothing had happened yet, but she was trying. It was amazing. We found 3 new investigators!

We had our final rib dinner with the Davis’s… They go home this week 😦 I love them.  #10racksofribslater… So gross. Two elders had two and a half racks to themselves. I had 2 ribs. They had 25. Ew.

And then Bruce was finally BAPTIZED. Oh my goodness. It was amazing. Wonderful speakers, and Bruce was pumped. And I got to sing. And the sisters he met on Mormon.org skyped in. It was good.

​He’s the cooliest.

We had the best Sabbath day ever. Bruce was confirmed #mormon. We taught gospel principles after learning we were supposed to 20 minutes before… So good. We watched elder mcconkies final testimony of the atonement (April 1985-watch it!) and then testified and read the lyrics ‘Oh Lord, My Redeemer’… I was a blubbery mess. Then to put the cherry on top of a great week, we’ve been planning a fireside called the ‘Foundations of Faith’ fireside, basically teaching the first lesson with musical numbers and a few speakers….. It was last night and it was amazing.

The talks were: God is our loving Heavenly Father, who is Christ/why do we need him, God speaks to us today, and then Elder Kevin Calderwood was our closing speaker… He was just called to be in the seventy last week, and it was amazing. He testified so boldly and powerfully of repentance and baptism! We had 4 investigators there, so I expect them all to be baptized soon, very soon.

The closing song was amazing, it started with a solo then a duet then a trio, then the missionaries sang with them for a verse then the congregation stood and sang the last verse to ‘The Spirit of God’…. Such a powerful song. And wow, the spirit was STRONG! After the meeting ended a member came up to us and said “you know… You weren’t the only ones up there singing tonight…it was powerful and you could feel the spirits of the saints of the restoration.” And right as she said it I recognized the feelings as j had as we were singing and I knew she was right.

I’m grateful for the message of the restoration. It is a message of hope and love. And it has blessed my life forever.

Love you lots and hope you’re doing ah-mazing.


Sis. Palmer

​Sorry all the pictures I send look almost identical…. You can only do so much sitting in a car.


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