Week 35

Hope all is well. This week was great!
We had zone training on Tuesday which went good! We had to say
farewell to Elder and Sister Davis…. So sad, back to idahome.
We talked about planning, and then we talked about the importance of
the Book of Mormon. Our district handed out almost 300 copies of the
Book of Mormon in 5&1/2 weeks. Crazy. Atleast in this area. So we
talked about personalizing our invitations to those we give a book to!
I love the Book of Mormon. Read it EVERYDAY.

We had our Book of Mormon class, and then we helped out at another
English class with the hermanas which was fun! There are so many
different cultures and languages here… In relief society on Sunday
the lesson was on missionary work, and the lady who spoke emphasized
that not all of our duties is to go knock on doors or to try and
convert every living thing that passes you by, but it is our
obligation as a covenant child of God to love others, unconditionally.
We can say “wow, that was a stupid thing to do.” -happens oh too
often. But she talked about eliminating the us/them factor of life.
Because that’s a man-made thing… It separates gods children and
groups them into the jocks and the nerds and it’s dangerous for both
our temporal and spiritual beings. And I LOVE that about my calling,
at first it was hard, but now I can truly just love everyone around me
and see them as God sees them! It’s great.

We had lunch with Sister Maccubbin and Sister Neel and the STL’s which
was a blast.

Then we weekly planned in a fort that we built on Friday πŸ™‚

Saturday was a wonderful day! The Ashburn stake had this youth
activity where all the laurels and priests got to be a missionary for
a day. So they were assigned a companion (another youth) and had to go
stay at some other members home and follow all the mission rules, so
in bed by 10:30, and up at 6:30 then they met at the church for
training of how to teach the restoration. Well us missionaries were
invited, so one of us was assigned to two of them. Weirdest thing
ever. I was the only missionary with a name tag for almost 3 hours.
But they were the sweetest girls ever!! And they both wanna be sister
missionaries, so it was great. They had asked a friend (nonmember)
previously if they could “practice being a missionary with them” so we
taught the restoration to her, and it was good… She didn’t know
anything about God or Christ or anything and it was hard because there
was a LOT of information shared (including Heavenly Mother…. 😳) but
they loved it so much! Then I made them go tracting! They were nervous
but excited, and they rocked it. Man, I wish I would have had more
opportunities like that when I was a youth, but you don’t get many
opportunities like that in Utah! It was a blast.

Then we taught and ex-jehovahs witness couple who were the sweetest
most beautiful couple ever! They loved the idea of temples and eternal
families, they said it was a “beautiful thought” –which it is– but
they had troubles believing in some other things and expressed that
they weren’t interested in converting, but that we could come back. So
we are going to try one more time, and share the restoration… It’ll
be good.

Sunday was wonderful, as always. And even better there was the NARMF
(new and returning member fireside) and Bruce spoke and it was
awesome. The first thing he said was “Hello, my name is Bruce and I’m
a good shark, I haven’t even eaten a fish in almost 3 days” …. So
funny. Then I got to sing at it, a song called “The Olive Tree” if you
haven’t heard it… Listen to it. It’s so beautiful!!

Anyways, besides that, life is good! Transfers are this week, I think
I’m leaving good ol Herndon, but we will see!! πŸ™‚
I love you all so much!

Sis. Palmer πŸ™‚


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