Week 36

This week was great, exchanges and such. All the sisters I came out with
#9months ago had a nice reunion.

It’s the saddest thing in the world saying goodbye to everyone, but man they will hold a place in my heart forever.

 Our English class–holy they’re so cute.
So it was a rough last couple days in Herndon! Plus, I had to say see ya later to my best buddy Sis. StammerJ!!

So sad. (The quiet coyote–I used that on her often)
But my new companions name is Sister Wheeler and she is awesome!
I get to kill another companion -needless to say I’m super stoked.

I’m in the most beautiful area EVER! We cover two massive wards (Hamilton and Catoctin–nicknamed HamCat) it borders both Maryland and West Virginia it’s the furthest northwest our mission goes.


 But it’s been fun- lots of people and lots of farm land..it feels like home.
We live in a members basement on a farm in a place called Purcellville!
 And this is my buddy Frost–it made me miss Marley. (My dog)

Life is good, the work is good. We got to go to Arlington for a baptism of someone sister wheeler taught.. This work is so important. It’s been a bit overwhelming trying to figure out how in the world I’m going to learn two massive wards, but I’ve already seen the lords hand in everything. A man spoke in the Catoctin Ward on Sunday about this awful childhood he had, and how his father was extremely abusive about the fact that he wanted to go to church, and even today the workforce that he is involved in (secret service or FBI or something) really tries to tear at his faith… He let the world change who he was and who he wanted to become. But as he held onto his core beliefs that he loved, and kept an eternal perspective of life he now has a solid testimony. I hope to be able to gain that firm of a foundation on Jesus Christ and I know that with practice and patience He’s going to help me!
Sis. Palmer


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