Week 37

This week super busy! We cover two massive wards so we’re always running around like mad–almost 9 hours of church each week with meetings and everything (I’ll never complain again.) It’s a strange area, because it’s hard to tract, each house is like a mile away from each other… So finding is different and we don’t have any investigators, so we have to find! We met a couple super prepared people on Saturday, which was encouraging! The members are awesome out here, there are some MASSIVE homes..I’m serving in the nations richest county (literally) so it’s crazy.

I love being a missionary.

I can’t believe it’s already almost Mother’s Day…. So weird. Time flies.

We had a fun “sisters retreat” for all the sisters under our STL’s
stewardship, we were out in the pouring rain next to the Potomac. It
was fun, I love neature.

It’s so green!

We met so many amazing members, and I tried to convince president to let me ride their horses….. Jk. White handbook days no, but I can dream.

I almost stepped on a giant toad (Stanley) so we became buds after I apologized. (Don’t mind the hair… It’s getting real humid out here.)
My companion wasn’t a fan of Stan the man.

These are the first sister missionaries (lady missionaries) ever!!
Jean Clara Holbrook & Inez Knight.

Fast and testimony meeting was one of the highlights of my week, in the Hamilton Ward sooo many youth, (9-12 year olds) got up and bore their testimonies… I wish I would have had every investigator under the sun at that sacrament meeting. The power of their simple testimonies is incomprehensible. We got a few travelogues, and a medical record which is awesome!! Don’t get me wrong. But I think sometimes we forget what a testimony is, myself included, and these kids have it figured out I learned so much from them as they told of the basic doctrines that they know are true. A little boy ran up there and he said, “I know that my savior died for me & that He lives… amen.” Then ran off. And my heart was SO full! Bear your testimony frequently, in your thoughts and deeds and words. There are a lot of struggling saints out there who need to remember that there are those who are still pushing, still trying & need someone like you to show them how!
I love the lord. That why I do the things I do, it’s why I am the way I am… I’m grateful for a loving father in heaven who has given me everything.. From the shoes on my feet to the tender mercies I see each day.
I love the Book of Mormon. It has brought me closer to my savior than anything.
I’m grateful for a humble, thoughtful prophet today (he’s seriously the cutest man) and his apostles who help us hold onto the hope of the gospel.
I love being a missionary! It’s the greatest thing in the world.

Sis. Palmer 🙂


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