Week 38

Temple day today. This week has just been a temple week- it’s de best.
Temple Thursday: we were on exchanges and sister popes recent convert(s) did baptisms

Temple Saturday: BRUCE went and did baptisms for his family, and we got to do some too… It was awesome. He had to drive three and a half hours and was an hour late and we’re all waiting worried, but I’m sitting in the font and he comes in and I just about screamed. (I cried of course) but it’s amazing to see the progress he’s made in his life in just a short 3 months. Who would have thought that 3 months ago he would be in the temple?!? God has a plan for everyone… There are so many prepared people, right and left. It amazes me to see how He hastens His work. I am SO happy to be a part of it 🙂
–forewarning: we did baptisms, so they’re not the prettiest pics I’ve ever seen. Worth it though.


 I seriously can’t remember what we did two days ago… This week has been long!!! Amazing, but it felt like a millennium.
We went to a barbecue at the Methodist church we went to for the bible study… And then played bingo. We met lots of awesome people! And hopefully we can get to another bible study soon. We shall see!
We went to a relief society emergency preparedness night- I will probably die if anything happens anytime soon. Be prepared people! Heed the words of the prophets, cause they know things we don’t… Better safe than sorry 🙂
Church was long-& wonderful!! We go into our car to study for 30 minutes in between meetings, and as I was reading… This was my companion. 🙂 I love her. She’s a hoot!image8.JPG

 We had zone conference which was just wonderful! Lots to improve on and do, it’s always a motivator though! We talked about faith, and how our investigators show faith, which is by keeping commitments-it’s change (aka repentance) & then he (president) asked how we as missionaries show faith, I was confused… So there were responses like “just waking up, pressing forward, CPR (church, pray read) almost anything and everything… But he said the best way we can show our faith (& I’m saying the best way you can show your faith) is by remembering who we are, sons and daughters of God.. I was foreordained to be exactly where I am in my life right now, teaching and visiting those I meet everyday. Remember who you are and the relationship you have or need to have with our father in heaven. It makes life a lot easier!! Missions, parenthood, callings, LIFE is hard to build our faith…  Our mission presidents wife talked about prayer and how “a man or woman never stands taller than when they are on their knees..” I love praying, and I pray for you everyday!! Prayer is our lifeline to our father in heaven–use it 🙂

Those are probably the highlights of this week?
I love you so much! I have a testimony of the love our father in heaven has for us. I have had times where I have forgotten, and I felt alone. The ‘natural Bre’ was shadowing the love He was trying to show me. But He is always there..
“We’re only alone if we choose to go though life relying solely on our own strength rather than learning to draw upon the power of God. ” -Sheri Dew
The second I decided to turn to Him my life changed! I felt joy and hope and love and every other synonym that could apply.

The gospel brings happiness-every time.

Lots of love!

Sister Palmer




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