Week 40

Ohh what a great and stressful week! Seriously- so many highs and
lows, mostly highs though, cause the lord pulls through every time.
Yes. I’m training. I’ve avoided it for 11 months and it’s here.
And I’m pumped.
I’m stressed out 1440 minutes every day, but it’s great.
Her name is sister Winward and she is basically trained already– such
an awesome sister!
This is our “generation” picture.
She owns being a ‘greenie’ (missionary term) too.
This was her smiles and everything out tracting! I had no smiles at all the first time I went tracting, but she rocked it!

I had to say goodbye to my cute companion Sister Wheeler. I’m hoping that’s the last companion I have to send home… It’s fun & all, but..
I didn’t know this was a thing… it’s her “death as a missionary pic?”

I love sister wheeler.
This week consisted of lots of service, lots of finding, lots of
packing, lots of goodbyes- 2 new investigators (woot woot) a super fun p-day in DC!
Wow. We had no idea there was this massive parade with millions of people, but it was great.

We have a baptism this weekend–we’re pumped!!

Sister Winward shared this scripture: 1 Nephi 11:31
“And he spake unto me again, saying: Look! And I looked, and I beheld
the Lamb of God going forth among the children of men. And I beheld
multitudes of people who were sick, and who were afflicted with all
manner of diseases, and with devils and unclean spirits; and the angel
spake and showed all these things unto me. And they were healed by the
power of the Lamb of God; and the devils and the unclean spirits were
cast out.”

And talked about how all of us are sick or afflicted in some way.. But
we can all be ‘healed by the power of the Lamb of God’… It’s there
for everyone. All because of him (
we can find peace..

I’m grateful for my savior. I need Him. I love Him. I love Gods children.
I love being a missionary. SO much!

And I love you, hope all is well!! We’re short on time… But there’s
lots of pictures!

Sister Palmer


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