Week 43

What a great birthday week- seriously my companion is the greatest!
My 19th year of life was the best one ever!!!
It was fun, birthdays are a little less exciting on a mission, cause you aren’t too concerned with yourself– or the fact that time goes by sooo fast.
But it was good! I got what I wanted.
(Tropical smoothie)
Thanks for the birthday wishes!
My momma sent me a confetti cannon in a package, and I was so excited to blow it off onto sister Winward, little did I know it was pointed the wrong way–those things are powerful.
I’ve got a giant bruise on my stomach now.. but I made it out alive. Blessings.
Thanks mom!

Highlight of my whole week– the Crawfords are getting sealed in the temple in a couple weeks!!!! They’re a family from my first area who reactivated in the church, we taught their son before he was baptized- the “mini-missionary” and they’re getting sealed to each other & to three of their kids.
I am so excited for them, I can’t put it into words. The church is true people.
The temple is where we can receive all of gods bountiful abundance of blessings He has promised us in this life! ️

I love it.

We found two new investigators this week! Rita and Franklin. They’re great! Franklins going to the Dominican Republic to get two of his children, but he said when he gets back he wants us to come and teach his family- were pretty exited. And Rita is the sweetest old lady ever, we talked to her in her garage about the wonderful restoration, and she seemed excited so we will see them both this week! Pretty exciting.

We saw Debbie and page and the cute new 86 year old new investigator Thomas. He’s a stubborn one, but super sweet! We will see him again soon! Keep Debbie in your prayers pleeeease, she just discovered she has lung cancer, so she will be battling that for awhile. We took her cupcakes, sister Winward made about 3 dozen cupcakes this week (for birthdays & service) food always softens people’s hearts..

The ashburn stake had stake conference this weekend which went wonderfully. They had a recent convert speak, and a returning member, and a man who had struggled and the spirit was so powerful. It made me so excited about missionary work! There are people in need of ‘rescue’ in every facet of life… President and Sister Huntsman were there-it was good to see them! When you live the furthest from the mission home it’s not too often that you make contact with any other missionaries 🙂
We’re getting back a new zone in our mission which will be cool, the Woodbridge zone- 24 new missionaries will be stolen from the Richmond mission next month. How weird.

We had our zone activity which involved ultimate frisbee, 100% humidity and a lot of sweat. But also a lot of fun.
I love serving. It’s de best. My prayer is that you recognize the influence of Jesus Christ in your life daily- because He is there… He loves you, and is anxiously wanting to help and bless you! I have never felt His influence so much in my life, because I was not seeking His influence.
“Oh Lord, I have trusted in thee.. And I will trust in thee forever” 2Nephi4
Put your trust in Him!!

I love you!

Sister Palmer


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