Week 45

Ohh man, what a great week!!

Important background info:
Once upon a time, way back in my first area a member in the wars was
an author. She had a fan way over in England who read and loved her
books, and wanted the next book in he trilogy but couldn’t find it. So
she contacted the author member lady and asked for a copy, so the
member lady sent her one then they talked for a while, then for
months, then became best friends. Somehow religion got mixed into the
conversation and the lady from England found out the member was Mormon
and asked lots of questions. The member told the lady in England to
add the missionaries (that’s me) on Facebook and ask them questions
she had. We taught her all the lessons- all the while trying soooo
hard to get ahold of missionaries in England (seriously, we tried
everything).. Weeks later we finally did, and they went over and put
her on date for baptism their first visit. She was baptized in
December and now is rocking it in a calling in the young women’s.

Never did I ever think I would see her in person, and this week I was
able to see her 3 times!!

1. I was able to go and surprise her as she got off the plane:

(There was this man on stilts (it was the 4th) and he was hilarious.)

2. We went out to lunch with the member (Sister Schmidt- my favorite family) the woman from England (Leanne) and her husband (Kane). It was wonderful.

image4 (1).JPG

3. I was able to be with her in the temple to watch her be baptized for her mom who passed 2 years ago. Wanna talk about the best moment ever?!
Wow. I love the temple! The spirit was so strong, it was almost overwhelming.
Our Father cares so very much about each and every one of His children, each who has ever lived, who is living and who will ever live… It’s unconditional.
The temple is such a wonderful example of His love.

My heart is so full- I am so grateful to be a missionary.
The power that a simple truth contains is unimaginable.. And to see simple truths completely change lives, to bring hope and happiness and purpose is the greatest blessing in my life!
I love it SO much!!

We were able to go our with an elder who recently returned from his mission in Arizona, and it was great! He spoke Spanish, as well as English, so we (meaning he) was able to talk to twice as many people! I was jealous. But it was great! We talked to cute little Rita about the restoration as well as her neighbor, Willy Washington. What a name.

We had a “sisters party” we were there for a total of 15 minutes… on the 4th! It was so rainy and hot & HUMID– but I got to see 5 fireworks so my heart was happy!

We went mud bogging (not really- it was just a muddy “mountain”) and knocked at a home who still had an out house in their back yard…. I’ve never seen one in real life. Ew.
image8 (1).JPG

We took lots of silly pictures and had a lot of fun. Missionary work is so fun.

A member of our ward this week said “the gospel is so fun it’s almost a sin”.
She’s so stinkin hilarious.

We both have ukuleles now. Woot. Woot.
This transfer is over this week and I can’t believe it… Time goes so fast. I’m 96.3% sure I’m staying in HamCat, and I’m so excited. There’s so much work to do & I love sister Winward!

I love you all, and hope you have a wonderful week! ❤️

Sister Palmer


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