Week 46

Ohh it was such a great week.  (There’s lots of pictures….sorry)
We did service for a woman with reeeeally cute dogs.

We just felt so guided by the spirit to be where we needed to be at the right time.. It was great! We met a less active woman, we found 3 new investigators who are sooooo wonderful! We were at dinner with members and had been there forever, so we were trying to leave, when they told us about these friends they had that owned a restaurant down town that they wanted to give a Book of Mormon to, so we followed them to the restaurant and met them (John & his mom) and we were able to talk and testify of the Book of Mormon. Turns out he’s already read it, but he asked us “how can I read it this time with and open mind and an open heart?”
Such a great question. It was lovely.
We have another lesson with him tonight at his restaurant– I got to try my first empanada. Mmm:)

Then we got a self referral that we tried to call, but when we didn’t hear back, we decided to just stop by one night with a returned missionary who came out with us… And her husband was home and he said “oh! She just went out to walk the dogs, but she will be happy to see you! I’m actually Mormon (we were shocked) and she has wanted to start learning about the church.. So I figured I’d support her when she wants to come to church and I’ll come.”
I love finding “lost sheep” and she is sooo amazing. We get to meet with her again tomorrow!
Miracles galore.

We accidentally left our mission (again) and got these pretty pictures of the Potomac and of a cute Virginia sign. #VirginiaIsForLovers❤️

 We had to cross this sketchy bridge when we were lost in the middle of no where.
I have two new toad friends whom I named Albert and Stew the second (Dainia:))
And the best part of all– I was able to see the family who I taught my first night in the mission field sealed for time and all eternity.
Wow. What an amazing day. Tears for days. (Happy tears of course)
I love this work. I love this church. I love my savior.
There are so many things that I don’t understand, but I believe. I hope and trust in covenants and in ordinances that bring me and others so much happiness, as I’ve been able to see the gospel change others, there’s been a change in me and I LOVE it! I love the temple, and the promises that we make and receive. Eternity is a long time… But our Father has a plan for each and every one of us- old and young, happy or sad, single or married- it’s beautiful and it’s simple and it’s eternal.
I love each and every one of you!
I love being a missionary and I want to bawl my eyes out every time I think of how fast time goes by, but the lord has a plan!
Have a wonderful week!

Sister Palmer
(I can’t take a serious picture to save my life…)



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