Week 47

It’s been a wild couple of weeks! Not gonna lie- it’s been brutal.
We kind of hit a rut, where all our investigators fell off the face of the earth.. & it’s been 100 degrees with humidity out the yin yang. (so hot)
But holy cow, Heavenly Father has blessed us so much. We saw so many miracles this week! We had 4 member present lessons- which never happens! We saw Jean Carlos  twice, and he is struggling “linking the spirit when he reads the Book of Mormon” he has a lot of doubts, and we’ve tried to address his concerns, he wants to believe and he said he would be baptized if he came to know it was true, but somethings holding him back… We’re trying to figure it out.
We had an amazing lesson with Samantha! A lady in our ward invited her to dinner the following Tuesday and to have the lesson at her home and it was SO great. We started by asking how reading was (3 Nephi 11) and she said she LOVED it- she read it 4 times! She loved verse 40 where it talks about having a sure foundation, and she said that she feels she has that now. She said she prayed the first night we taught the restoration as we asked her to and asked if it was true and got the answer of ‘yes’ but not just yes, she got “YES SAMANTHA- THIS IS WHAT YOU’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR!” She was in tears, and explained how she cried that whole night. The only word she could use was “amazing”. We continued to teach the plan of salvation and she was so happy and hopeful, she explained how she loved the plan because it gave her a source of “identity”.
Our jaws were on the floor basically the whole lesson– there are really prepared people out there!!! Just searching- wandering from sea to sea. And we have what they are searching for. It was unreal. She came to church, and the members are wonderful and as she and her husband (who is now a returning member) stood up to introduce themselves she said “I’m Samantha, and I’m converting from Catholicism” the spirit was SO strong, people were crying and everything. She just glows!
Her baptism date is September 3- woot woot.
Some days are really hard, like reeeeeally hard.
Trying to find the balance between stress and trying to work as hard as you can, and not knowing if you’re doing enough, but believing that having a desire is good, talking to everyone, but leaving room for people’s agency, but having faith- it’s work!
I have come closer to my savior, and that alone is an accomplishment.  I’ve seen how the gospel  changes lives!! The purpose of my mission- of my mortal mission.. Of OUR mortal mission can be explained basically in one word. CHANGE. I have changed. Maybe not as much as I want to yet, but I’m realizing that God has given me eternity to change. I’m not going to be perfect even at the end of my mission… It’s continual- eternal. I don’t have to be perfect. And He loves me all the same. It should seem simple, and it should be basic- but I’m still learning.
Hast thou not known? hast thou not heard?” Isaiah cried.
“[God] giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength. …
“… They that wait upon [Him] shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles. …
“For … the Lord … God will hold [their] right hand, saying unto [them], 
…Fear not; I will help thee.”

Thanks for all you do!
Love you!

Sister Palmer

There was just a lot of randomness… Sorry?

Some troll guy we found.
Extremely photogenic.
There were many failed attempts. I don’t even know how to take a picture anymore.
I’m not a big fan of pugs… But I do like Georgie. (I got to go back to Herndon for a day)

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