Week 49

It’s been such a great week. 

We had a super inspirational zone training… We have a goal as a mission to find 300 new investigators this weeks… So it was basically just getting us “pumped up” for a week of finding. 

We have a fun zone. 

We had a great lessons with Samantha on keeping the sabbath day holy, which she was so excited about, and then a couple days later we want to the temple visitors center! Ohhhhh, what a wonderful day. It was SO wretched hot. But great. She said that she told her husband they were going to be sealed in a year. And after the temple we went to a store called “This is the place” (basically a small Deseret book) and she bought-

1. A Book of Mormon study guide

2. The book of Dieter F. Uchtdorfs talk “your happily ever after” 

3. A CTR ring

4. && a temple recommend holder with the DC temple on it. 

She’s simply amazing.

On Friday I went to a meeting with a bunch of other “old” missionaries called the “Endure to the End” meeting (also known as the trunky meeting) and it was sooooo good.

My girl, Sis. Liddell. 

We talked about our motivations for serving a mission over a year ago, and our motivations now…. Perspective changes. Lives change because of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love it. I love this work. 

I NEVER WANNA LEAVE. 🙂 I have a long time. So I’m content. 

I’ve been re-writing my journal (I’m insane, I know) but it’s been so cool to read back on the experiences I’ve had, and to see how I’ve grown… The zone training showed me how much I still need to improve, but it was a good push! This whole week was a theme of: 

“Forget yourself & go to work” 

Then Saturday I was able to go to the temple again for a woman I worked with back in Herndon who was receiving her endowment.(this was our ride, my favorite human sister Taylor)
I love the temple. Soooooooo much. I love this work NI love the scriptures (I’m going to finish the Book of Mormon & the New Testament before I go home.. It’s tough, but it’s wonderful). 

Thanks for all the love and support. 

You rock! 


Sister Palmer

(A cute love thing that represents how loudoun county is the “wine country”…
We just stood in front of wine.) 

I took all of these pictures on two days. I don’t wear that same dress every day. Lol.
This made me laugh. 


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