Week 52



Oh it was such a wonderful and crazy day. We woke up uber early and drove out to good ole Purcellville. We got crammed in the relief society room cause there was another baptism, we practiced our musical number two times before we did it, the font got drained because the other Ward thought we were already done, so we had to wait another hour until she was able to be baptized. When she was finally able to be baptized the font was only filled up to her knees, so she basically had to lay down in the font to make it work.

Nevertheless, it is done!!

I got to go into the dressing room right after to help her out and she was seriously beaming, a big smile ear to ear and tears rolling down her face and she said “I’m so happy! I’m so proud that I got a prompting, I tried to follow it and everything is so right. This was the right thing to do. I’m so happy!” I bawled my eyes out, of course.
It was such a wonderful day! I love her so much!!

It makes all the rough days 100% worth it!!


We had an investigator at church which was great! She’s 17 and has so much faith! She comes from no religious background, both parents are either agnostic or atheist so she’s just like “what?!” But she loved church and she’s going to the Philadelphia temple open house today, so that will be wonderful. 

Virginia is awesome. 

It’s September (I seriously can’t believe it) and there are flowers still blooming!! It’s so beautiful. It’s been blazing hot til a few days ago, but it’s good- I love he green. I feel like I’m in a rainforest most of the time.


This areas a tough on, people have “more money than sense” (not my words…), but really.. It’s a very wealthy area where people don’t see a need for the gospel. But I am soooo grateful to be here, it’s a humbling experience. Trying to figure out life right now is super insane and stressful, but I know that 

My Heavenly Father knoweth that (I) have need of these things. 

“But seek he first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. 

Take therefor no thought for the morrow, for the morrow shall take thought for the this of itself.” 

I want to be here. I love my mission. I love Heavenly Fathers children  and he experiences I’ve had. I’m grateful for the hard days, because they make the sweet days SO much sweeter. I love my savior and it’s my greatest desire to come closer to Him! To be more like Him.

Talking around the campfire.


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