Week 53

Ohh it’s been a good week.
We had 2 investigators at church, and they loved it!! They’re the 17 girls that we‘re teaching… Here’s one of them at the YM/YW luau after our lesson.
She’s a cutie.
After the closing prayer in sacrament meeting the entire Ward swarmed back to us like a bunch of bees to talk to them and by the end of the day they were enrolled for seminary the next morning. So that’s sweet! They’re stoked.
Monday was fun, we were going to go to George Washington’s old home, but it ended up costing a million dollars, so we went to a sisters brunch then just hung out by the Potomac river.
 ‘Twas fun.
The girls (Emily & syona) came to a baptism with us on Saturday and loved it. Then we tried to watch a movie on one of the churches movies and ended up being there for 2.5 hours trying to get it to work and answering all their questions. It ended up being awesome. They were freaking out by Sunday night because they spent 7 hours at a Mormon church building this weekend. Lol.
We found this cool door while tracting.
We met this funny dude who lives in Florida, originally from Korea who was Irish Catholic. Wut?
He asked me how many husbands I have…. 🙄
We got froyo (one of my favorite things in life) and took a million billion pictures.
My companions a hoot and a holler. I do really love training, as much as I act like I don’t. We had interviews with President Huntsman this week and they went great!
Sunday night there was a seminary kickoff fireside that we took the girls to and John Bytheway skyped into a part of it and talked about something Albert Einstein said when asked “if you could ask God one question what would it be?” He replied, “well, I think I would ask Him HOW He created the universe” which involves mathematics, and physics and all the other scientific stuff that Albert loves. But after pondering for a moment he said, “rather, I would ask Him WHY He created the universe & by so doing know the purpose and meaning of my life.”
We have answers to His question.. Because we asked the question for ourselves.
Sometimes God answers our questions in different ways… Brother Bytheway pointed out that God often answers our questions through our experiences.
I think about all the things I have come to KNOW.. Not just believe or hope for but truly know. Things like that God answers prayers, and when I do better I feel better, I feel peace in the temple, the teachings of Jesus Christ just make sense, obedience brings happiness and peace, the Book of Mormon was inspired and as I read it I feel closer to my Heavenly Father, general conference is inspired and I love listening to the general authorities.
We can’t forget all of our answered questions because of a few unanswered ones..
“When it comes to grow I our testimony, the greatest danger is not asking tough questions; the greatest danger is if we give up asking…” 
My sweet companion sister Eaton was a walking example of this principle almost 8 months ago for me.
I love the Lord. I love my mission. I love my family. I love the church and all that espouses it. I  love my companion. I love you and thanks so much for all you do!
Sister Palmer
We really are happy to be missionaries. Promise.

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