Week 54

It’s been a good week!
This emails gonna be short (you’re welcome), we’re going to the Dulles air & space museum for pday. Woot. Woot.This week was full of SO much service.
It was “Day to serve” on Friday, so bright and early we made ‘power packs’ with 3 meals for kids who don’t have food to eat on the weekends.
We did community service at this big book sale in McLean.
We helped at a dinner for Afghanistan refugees which was super cool.

Service is great.

We also found two new investigators!! Almost 4, but not quite yet… Soon though. We were excited about that. Syona and Emily are loving seminary, which rocks! Syona had this awesome experience where she recognized that she has had faith in her life, while trying to help out a friend. It was great. They’re doing wonderful.

We did a fun finding activity with our zone at a few metro stops and set up booths with water bottles (with pass along cards inside) and we handed them out to those coming off the metro, I felt like a modern version of the woman at the well.

We even passed out a few book of Mormons and pamphlets. T’was fun.
Here’s the district.

I love serving the lord. It’s de best.

Life is good. Be happy. Be optimistic.
I liked this quote that I saw this week.
“Each person sees the world not as it is, but as he or she is. When he opens his mouth to describe what he sees he in effect describes himself- that is his perception.” –Stephen Curry
I love you all and thanks for all you do. ❤
Sister Palmer
P.S. I’m serving in the most beautiful place.
Also, I love sister tank(ersley).
That’s all for now folks.

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