Week 56

Oh, how I love conference. It’s really neat to sit there and think about family and friends all over the world sustaining our lovely prophet together… You truly feel the unity of the church when everyone takes those 10-12 hours out of their busy schedules around the world to refresh, and rejuvenate and receive more light and peace and hope. I love it so much.

I forgot my notes, dang it, but I really enjoyed President Nelsons talk… Sometimes, in the commotion of things I forget why I do the things I do (especially as a missionary) and that everything I do should resonate JOY. In myself, in those I have the opportunity to teach, in those I serve— That’s what it’s all about. I love joy, I love that we get sneak peaks at what complete joy will be like with our Father again.

Our investigators (Syona and Emily) were able to watch a few of the sessions which was great, they’re such young girls and have so much faith, even with both of them coming from such different backgrounds! One comes from absolutely no religious background, but she still is trying so hard to find faith, and to recognize the faith that she’s already had in her life, just in the everyday things. She realizes that she has put her faith in things that she’s hoped for but has not seen, and she understood what it was like to have faith in God… She loves to pray-it’s her favorite thing.
She’s awesome, it’s so inspiring to see her progress and grow in knowledge of a loving Heavenly Father. I remember towards the beginning of my mission, when I met someone who didn’t really believe in God, and I realized what that entailed: the confusion and hopelessness of not knowing you have a Father in heaven who loves you so very much. I took it for granted!!
We go visit this sweet old lady every week-She’s 92 & still on her own. She rocks. But she can hardly hear… so we’d been there for awhile and we needed to leave, but she’s such a talker. So Sis. Tank & I would blatantly say in between conversations with her “we need to go…” “How do we get out of here” “make a run for it”… Turns out its not as funny when you type it as it was when we were there- just trust my judgement.
We’re in kind of a finding rut, but the investigating pool that we do have is solid, and I’m excited about them. I’m getting to know some more of the members, it’s a great Ward. They’re so excited about missionary work, and willing to help.
I love my mission. I want time to slow down, but I’m so grateful for the little time I’ve had to try and dedicate my life to Him. Thanks for all you do!
Love you lots.
Sister Palmer
We went to DC on PDay.
Library of Congress. So cool.
Capitol Building.

Washington Monument.

Botanical Gardens:
This was where we watched conference Saturday Morning. His name is Giovanni.
& another skype lesson with Syona & Emily 🙂

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