Week 58


This week has been great. Lots of busy stuff (i knew it would be). We had zone training and it went well, we talked about a new goal our mission is working on called–PST90X, and we got our zone excited for it. It’s all about Planning, Studying, and Teaching (pst) and we have 90 days left in the year to reach our mission goal of 300 baptisms. It’s exciting.

We had our first exchange with the Hermanas, they’re doing great.. I was with Hermana Abad! She’s awesome. Exchanges are stressful. Geeesh. But also super fun.


&& then we “heart attacked” their door.


We had a great lesson with denis (one of our progressing, almost on date investigators- he came to church and loved it!). He has been super sick but getting better! We invited him to baptism again and he said he is still planning on it but we don’t think he is quite ready for his scheduled date (the 22nd), so we will have to push it back. After our lesson, when we got home, & realized we “accidentally” dropped our phone (we really did), and so we drove back and finally found it, then had the chance to talk to Denis and ask him if he still wanted a priesthood blessing, explaining that we could do it that day if he wanted. So we called the elders, who just so happened to be down the street, and they came and gave him a blessing of healing and comfort. It was neat-there are no coincidences.

We had a lesson with Ram! He is praying about a baptismal date, he feels he wants to wait until his family is ready, but he is so ready… So we’re working with him. He’s awesome. He’s from India, and worked so hard so his family could have a life he never did. I love it.

We did a blitz with the Vienna sisters, and I was with Sister Moore.. she’s awesome. Such an amazing missionary. We even found them a new investigator! Almost 2 new… almost.


Anyways, it’s been good. The sisters are great here! Sister Labrum’s great. She had her year-ivarsary. So crazy, I remember when she got her mission call just a week or two before I left for the MTC and she called and told me how excited she was.. and now we’re here.


It rocks.


We were able to do lots of service. We teach an English class and they’re all cuties. This is phi…


So fun.

We celebrated a little 2 year olds birthday named Fran on Sunday. She’s adorable.


Thanks for being great. ❤️ I love being a missionary. A lot. Like, a lot a lot.


Sister Palmer


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