Week 61

Hola friends and fam.

It’s been a great week. We went to the temple today (hallelujah) which is why my PDAY is today. Sweet Sister Boosy brought us.

It’s been forever, it’s the best place to be in the whole world! It really hit me this time around as they were praying for the missionaries, how powerful prayer is and how many prayers missionaries actually need– there is no way I could do it without the strength of prayer.


This week was a good one- kind of tough. Denis (was getting baptized on Saturday) ended up in the hospital and he’s been there for a week now… Please keep him in your prayers, he’s a rockstar!

We went to the temple visitors center with a recent convert named Katrina and her nephew- Isaiah, who is so cute and her little baby. Our trip that was meant to take 2 hours took 4 hours… Virginia traffic. Little Isaiah sure loved it, he kept asking if he could live there because he wanted to stay there forever…


He’s so cute.


His little brother is doing good, the little trooper. He falls out of a 2 story apartment building, and 4 days later he’s just as crazy as he used to be. He’s superman. 💪


We have lots of great things happening around here…. But by the time pday hits I forget all the things I wanted to write about! Halloween was fun, we just played volleyball and basketball as a zone, then went home early. I didn’t feel like a missionary, it was weird. But fun. We had a big meeting called MLC and there are a lot of changes in our mission that I’m excited about, I’ve been praying for opportunities to grow and improve and with the new changes they push me to change, and give me more opportunities to be obedient and qualify for the promised blessings of our Heavenly Father, I’m really excited.

Senator Hatch is in our ward, and we went and visited him and his sweet wife, it was pretty cool. I love them.

It’s been fun working with the sisters in this area, we‘ve had blitz’s (?) & exchanges and zone training all kinds of stuff. It’s been fun, I love it.


It’s fall! (All the pictures failed.. but it’s my favorite time of the year, especially out here in Virginia, I love this place!) I love that Heavenly Father made seasons, just so we have something pretty to look at! 🍁


But along with all the fall leaves falling… there are still flowers blooming?! It’s confusing.


Life has been wonderful. I love my mission, and all the different people I meet. A cool experience I had yesterday… back ground in for first: my grandparents served a mission in Nigeria… so, while on an exchange, we were walking by the metro and these three people were walking ahead of us so we went and talked to them and found out they were from NIGERIA– my first people I had met from there (on my mission- plenty of people from Sierra Leone, but never Nigeria) and were able to testify of the Book of Mormon and the restoration (there were three people- 2 girls, and 1 boy) and one of the girls weren’t interested, but the other two were.. Cynthia (the interested girl) actually had a professor who was LDS, and she said he lived in Utah! She was thrilled to hear that we lived in Utah as well! Haha and he young man remembered that there was a Mormon temple in Joseph (?) Nigeria, so they got our email, and we‘re going to add us on Facebook… so cool, I love being in a social media mission. 

Now me and my sweet grandparents have spread the gospel in Nigeria!! I love how Heavenly Father gives us those little tender mercies!

Thanks for all you do! God speed.

I love Sis. Labrum.



Sister Palmer


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