Week 62

Hello!! It’s been a great week.

The elections happened, so that’s something new– it’s all people ever want to talk about, and Im just here in my awesome missionary bubble. Such is life. But it’s really opened my eyes to the fear that some people experience, that some people face really hard things in their lives– & we all do! But  I have hope through Christ, and that’s what I‘ll hold onto! Im so grateful to be able to share the greatest message of hope and peace and light with those who don’t know where to find it. I know Heavenly Father is still in charge and He “will not leave us comfortless.”
These past 4 days have been just wonderful. We had 2 exchanges in 3 days
(I only took pictures with one of them– Hermana Harley)
We saw lots and lots of miracles. 3 new investigators: Michael, Philippe & Jo. They’re awesome. Super prepared, and from such different walks of life! We taught one of our sweet new 17 yr old investigators, Stephanie (FINALLY), at first it was just her and her friend and we were talking about the plan of salvation, and then their dads came home and their faces were terrified, then we got terrified and thought he were going to kick us out and yell, but they ended up being such nice guys, and stephs dad stayed and listened… so we shall see what comes of it!! It’ll be good.
Poor Denis is still in the hospital- my heart breaks for him. He is seriously a trooper! He’s going to be there for a couple months, but the high priests have organized people to go and visit him a few times a week, so that will be great! Keep him in your prayers please!
We’re 98.4% sure that Sis. Labrum will get transferred on Thursday.
It’s sad, Im gonna miss my bud, but it’ll be good for her she’s excited I think!! & then I start my last transfer in the mission. Oh man, and my heart is torn in half! People didn’t tell me it was this tough!!! But the Atonement of Jesus Christ is real, and it’s the only possible way that I could get through it- Im so grateful to be here. Im so grateful for my Savior, for the direction He gives to us through His words- if your afraid, then read the Book of Mormon. Honestly. I love the promises that are given as we read with an open heart and pure intent– do it!! Allow the peace to just come flowin into your life, because those prophets saw our day and the tribulations we face! And the Book of Mormon gives us guidance to conquer (love that word) these hard times. I know it.
I love you so much! Thanks all the love and support!
❤️ Sister Palmer
Isaiah drew me this picture on my iPad last night. He’s so cute.

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