Week 63

What an awesome week! I have about 5 seconds to write this email.
so it’s kind of lame… but I’m doing fantastic!!

Transfers happened, and my dear Sister Labrum left me to go to my
first area of the mission. I love that place. I learned so much from
her. I love her.


I had to say goodbye to my sweet trainer Sister Orr (Annie). T’was bitter sweet.
We color coordinated.


All the sisters I came out with were all together at transfers for the last time!


Things are going great! I got a new companion–Sister Roberts.


This is the only good picture I got from transfers…

Shes is such an awesome sister and leader- she’s so personable with everyone she meets.
You know she truly loves those she talks to, I’ve learned a lot-Already!

It’s freezing around here. like 37 degrees with a windchill- which makes it like 30.


The highlight of my week was when we were able to go and see Denis in DC! HE really needed it.. We REALLY needed it!


He’s sucha  positive guy.. He’s a double leg amputee and has a number of other issues, but is still the happies and most hopeful person. He is sharing a Book of Mormon with his roommate. He’s awesome.

Here’s our view of DC.

Beautiful. We found 4 new investigators which was exciting! A nice way to start this transfer with a bang! We had a new investigator at church from Iraq!! He’s awesome. And then a 17 year old boy named Michael, and he already has friends that are in the Ward… so convenient. The members are wonderful. The investigator that I taught over Facebook from London is visiting the states again this week so I get to see her tomorrow- I’m so excited!! She’s so wonderful. I’ve been able to set some goals that I’m excited about this transfer… Its been fun to reflect and ponder on what I’ve learned thinking about those who I’ve been able to teach and seeing the impact they’ve had on my life. I love my mission so much.

And I got all registered for school so that rocks!

Soooo much less stress. It’s awesome. #GoAggies


Thanks for all you do!! Love you lots.

Sister Palmer

We went shopping today.



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