Week 64

I love being a missionary.
I’m grateful I get to talk to people about the greatest gift ever given. ❀️

We had a great thanksgiving, we had 4 scheduled dinner appointments- 4
THANKSGIVING DINNERS. Luckily, we only went to two of them. But it was
wonderful, the first dinner we went to was a family named the
Kennedys, the wife is a convert from the Hindu religion, she grew up
in Bangladesh India… they were awesome. They had families over who
were catholic, Hindu, Muslim, Christian… it was so cool to see all
the different people over celebrating something so universal and
simple like having gratitude for the many blessings we have.
There was a turkey-pumpkin.


We felt a lot of gratitude for a car this week because we didn’t have one.

It was freezing, and we walked a total of 12 miles- which I know isn’t a big deal for some cause you walked like all day everyday- but it was rough! We were diligent, and so we felt success this week. That’s kind of how it goes! We weren’t able to see any of our investigators due to the holiday, but we’re excited to see them all this week!

The highlight of my week was going with Samantha to the temple again…


But this time INSIDE.


We got to come from the Maryland side because we missed the exit.


I’ve done a lot of reflecting, and I’ve realized how blessed my mission has been. How often I’ve been able to see the hand of the lord place some of the most prepared souls in my path, and I just get to watch His wonderful plan unfold. As missionaries we aren’t anything but the instruments in bringing the words He wants us to say to those who are seeking His light, reminding their spirits of what they once knew. That’s why it’s so crucial to be in tune with the spirit, otherwise we’re just saying what we think we should say, rather than trusting Heavenly Father that He knows His child and He knows what they are lacking… luckily, He helped me, because obviously I’m not a perfect teacher, and obviously I can’t do my very best.. but He can help me be enough. ❀️ God is a God of miracles– it’s been so evident in my mission.

I love where I am. I’m ecstatic for this last home stretch that I have to serve as a full-time missionary, the holidays are the best. If you haven’t watched the new #LightTheWorld video– watch it. He is the light, and we can emulate His life in the way we live and serve His children.
I just finished the Book of Mormon, and it’s still awesome, and it’s still true. I’m grateful for the testimony I have gained of the convincing power that the Book of Mormon holds, it’s true. It blesses and can direct our lives only if we allow it to.

That’s all the time I have for now, but I love you and appreciate the support you have given to me!


Sister Palmer
I love Sister Roberts.



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