Week 65

This week has been a good one.
I don’t have much time, we went to DC today…
(American & Natural history museums & the National Christmas Tree 🎄)

Hope diamond.

The highlight of my week was being able to see Leanne (the woman I taught over Facebook from the 🇬🇧) and I got to see the Schmidt’s… my favorite family ever.
We had weird tacos with like sword fish in them, and squid ink…needless to say, they were weird.
I was on an exchange with Sister King, she’s adorable. Also an Aggie, so that’s cool.
She’s been out for about 7 months and it just blows my mind thinking about time… she’s serving in Herndon and when I was 7 months out on my mission I was serving in Herndon going on exchanges with my STL’s in Oakton. So strange how things happen. We’re doing a musical number at a fireside to Oh, Holy Night so we were able to practice it for the first time this week which was fun! I’m excited… I love Christmas music.

Our investigators are doing well, Denis should be getting out of the hospital here soon…. keep him in your prayers!! We sure love him, Sister Roberts hasn’t even been able to meet him yet! But things will work out. We found some new people to work with this week that we’re excited about, so the work keeps moving forward!!

We’ve been doing a lot of decorating for Christmas, and present wrapping which is great!
We help a Methodist Pastor here a lot she’s so wonderful, and she has a rotating tree with over 1000 ornaments. It’s insane. Christmas times 10. But it’s been fun.

This week was great, but midway through the week, I hit this wall of “trunky ness” which I have NEVER hit before on my whole mission, I wasn’t focused on the people and I felt down and all these crazy things. We’ve been focusing on doing the churches #LighttheWorld Christmas initiative (you should too) and for that day it was “Jesus helped others to see & so can you”… we weren’t sure how to make that happen, but at our last stop that night we visited a woman in our ward who is struggling, and she had lost her glasses. So we literally helped her see.. miracles. But afterwards we were talking to her about life, and towards the end of our visit she asked us why we chose to serve a mission, and I reflected back and was reminded why I am here, she helped me remember (or see) why I am doing this, why I am enduring and it was exactly what I needed to get me excited, and feeling the urgency of missionary work again.
I love where I am, and I love whose errand I am on. I love the Savior so much, and am grateful for this time of the year where people’s thoughts are turned to Him and His birth. How hard it must have been for our Father to allow His son to come and sacrifice so greatly for all of us, but He did it because He loves us SO MUCH.

Thanks for all your love and support, have a great week!

Sister Palmer

Our ward Christmas party was yesterday, and the Dillard’s came.
They’re so cute.


We’ve been working on a puzzle for these past few weeks!


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