Week 66

We went to the temple today– so we switched our PDay, it will also be switched next week because we work at the tvc on Monday. Woo hoo.

It was so fun. I was able to do a name for one of my ancestors and when you’re able to do it for family it makes it sooooo much more special. I also got to see only my favorite people fro, the Herndon Ward. ️

This week was full of so much learning!! We were able to train all the missionaries in our zone after they had their interviews with our mission president. It was fun to get to know them and help them in the areas of setting goals & planning. I know that’s something I’ve come to love– setting goals. And allowing the lord to hold me accountable. Going into each day (missionary or not) with the mindset that I will account to the Lord for what I did with the time that He gave to me to be here, to do His work. So that was fun. 

We had exchanges with the Vienna sisters. I was with Sister Calvert, she’s a new missionary- she is a rockstar. Such a diligent missionary. 


Then we had the privilege of having Elder Randall K Bennett of the Seventy here in our mission for a mission tour and he helped us out so much! We got to see a lot of him and his wife, both at stake Conference Saturday and Sunday, and then for a half mission conference from 8-5 on Tuesday, and then Wednesday at our leadership meeting all day. I learned SO much. I felt so happy after the meeting– I felt the urgency of the work. A big lesson I took from it was to quit thinking about myself so much, ive been forced to think about myself a little bit with getting stuff prepared for home, but really investing every second of my time.. all my thoughts and feelings into others. Allowing my love for them to me my greatest motivation for doing missionary work. I’m SO thrilled to be able to just WORK these next two weeks, I’ve never felt as much joy as I do now, today I’ve never wanted to work so hard, I’ve never wanted to be a missionary more than today. It’s awesome. I love this work. 

This was all the sisters at the MLC (mission leadership council)

Melissa was finally baptized!!! ️ 

Plus I got to see Sister tank. So that was cool. I love her a lot.
As well as syona (who may be baptized this month!!) and Emily! I love them.
We went to the elementary school’s choir concert.
Pics from our DC trip– the national Christmas tree & the Washington monument.



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